Friday, March 09, 2007

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: Dallas Trip

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: Dallas Trip

I have been recieving a steadfast sequence of emails and suggestions that I should also consider uploading snaps associated with my travel and parties. I have been delaying this for availability of time. This weekend, being quite free, I just sat down and compiled the 'Evergreen Memories (Album Collection)'.

Currently, I have uploaded a few photos which I have been taking during my current stay in Dallas, US. There are also a couple of videos that I have podcasted a few days back. For the interested reader, the permalink is here.

Feel free to check out my Dallas Trip Album collection and let me your suggestions, comments and criticisms for development of the same. Currently it reflects a kind of amateur photography, in its infancy.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Deepak,

Saw ur photos n desc of d trip :).. too gud Deepak :)

Was amazed to see ur profile photo.. Deepak in T-Shirt.. WOW!!!

Nice pic collection, u Vadivel, d casual walk near d Thomas Jefferson park, was very nice..

Keep uploadin photos :)