Saturday, March 03, 2007

Weekend at Irving Mall

Weekend at Irving Mall

Being Sunday and we just thought of roaming a bit here and there. We started sometime around 11 in the morning and landed to Irving Mall. More than our Chennai Spencer Plaza, I guess it is about double the size of it. Frankly speaking, I got enchanted by the diversified collection of richness of goodness and glorious treasures in stock in various stores that were reigning a prowess empire there. It was a great time roaming for a couple of hours and then a sumptous lunch at Pasand, an Indian cuisine near Irving Mall. Perhaps I have been to this restaurant on the day of my arrival to Irving too.

My most cute and loved item at Pasand is the Uppuma. For some reason, I can say that I can even skip all other items in thier buffet and take only Uppuma. It is a really lovable dish. After sumptous food, we started out. When we came out,we saw there was a bus to McArthur Ridge at 1451. The DART operated town bus was another great thing of the city. The bus though, they call local bus looks like a super-deluxe tourist bus in our places. There is no conductor though. So you are expected to bring in exact change and drop it in the box and the driver would issue the tickets. The other good thing in DART bus, I like is when the stop comes, you have to press a button to announce to your intention to alight. A LCD flashes "STOP REQUESTED" and an automated voice reads. Taking it still further each place is indicated in the LCD and read out.

Simply put, DART buses are role-models for transport corporations worldwide. The other significant thing I observed was punctuality and maintaining exact speeds.

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Anonymous said...

The good points that you have mentioned about DART (DALLAS AREA RAPID TRANSIT) Buses is true. I say that because I lived in the Dallas Area for 3 years and used the DART buses quite often to get to work and other places. However, they only cover certain areas. Only some routes are popular. If one goes by the bus schedule correctly, he can get to his destination (or atleast a nearby location). However during midday, the bus schedule is lean and not convenient. It used to take me almost 2 hours to get to my workplace from my residence, the distance being just 6 miles (13 kms). This is because there was no direct service and there was a changeover/transfer required. This is in a popular suburb of Richardson/Plano. But comparatively, Dallas has one of the best bus systems in the United States.