Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spiritual perspectives of movies …

The movies does convey a lot of messages and the way they convey and demonstrated does carry a lot of spiritual messages. A few of the actors and actresses that I would like to talk about and my observations are summarized below:"

  1. Positive Waves:
    1. Joseph Vijay. The always cheerful and positive looking charming handsome actor. No doubt he is called as Ilayathalapathi affectionately by everyone. His evergrowing optimism is the prime reason for his sustenance and growth despite stifle opposition by theatrical entities after the Sura flap.
    2. Shivaji Rao Gaekwad (known as Rajinikanth) who is a ardent devotee of Shri Raghavendra and his simplicity helps him to grow giant levels. Each of his film rocks the box offices like anything.
    3. Kamalhasan known for their family name and his hard work is affectionately respected as Universal Hero.
    4. Ajith, even in the most villanious roles sows a positive seed (Amarkkalam). He is rightly respected as Ultimate Star.
    5. We did celebrate the glory and greatness of our Revathi in a separate post.
  2. Negative Waves:
    1. Prakash Raj always villanious and disruptive on other people life ended up his marital life with a forced dissolution.
    2. Raghuvaran who was known for the notoriety roles in the film met a tragic death.
    3. Simbu (aka) Silambarasan is a spoilsport. I hate his films which are mild p0rnography in the name ‘youth hood’. Negative waves strike  his family and TR’s political gesture is challenged too.

Revathi–The Versatile Tamil Actress but …

These days with so many tamil movies being released the quality of the films is very much deteriorating. But at least the actors like Mohan, Revathi, Karthik, Raghuvaran, Kamal and Rajini were there in full vigor unde the stewardship of able producers like KB and Bharatiraja there was a good storyline.

Recently I had an opportunity to view of the films of Revathi. Not sure if it is coincidental but a continuous spurt of her films brings out a lot of thoughts for analysis:

  1. A love with a difference. Though she takes a little more time to overcome the suffered infatuation she did realize the true love of her spouse (Mouna Ragam)
  2. An earnest endeavor to bring back Kamal to full-track life from his suffering in solitude (Punnagai Mannan)
  3. A loving and responsible wife to bear and save the family life (Thotta Chinungi)
  4. The bold and the beautiful. Able to save her colleagues from the lecherous boss (Magalir Mattum)

Well. All Positive and let us be positive about the post and everything/everywhere else too. So what is the ‘but’ in the caption of the post? The but indicates my queries as below:

  1. Why does Revathi always succumb to such infatuations and then makes her way to the right destination? Why can not she think deeply into the longrun?
  2. Why did these good actor-actresses not active in the movie anymore leaving the reels to the crazy jokers?

I am glad to write about Revathi in the eve of birthday month of November where my blog normally airs the beautiful birthday song Nalam Vaazha. For a change and thanks to Revathi this song video is included now along with this post.

And this birthday song of ‘Lavanya Deepak’ has a new birthday baby to wish. My Vz Colleague (Sushmita Sundarrajan) is celebrating her birthday tomorrow, waving the green flag to the evergreen jubilant birthday month of November.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Single-Point One-Click NGO Directory

I came across through the mailers from Noble Foundation, Madurai that a new one-stop NGO directory lookup website has been recently launched in India. You can check out more about this web service by navigating here.

The website is an innovative initiative of Velmoc NSS group.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Self-designed image of Sri Parthasarathy

Just combined the images of Sri Parthasarathy (Moolavar, Utsavar and His two pasurams) to create a panoramic image as below:



If Google Voice comes to India …

If Google Voice is implemented in India it would really be another radical renaissance in Indian Telecom in more ways than one:

The following is not a speculation. Considering the atrocity of the current private telecom companies in India and even to the extent of scuttling the number portability this is what is the dream and aspiration of every telecom customer in India.

  1. Crystal clear call quality ensured with a greeting from Kiki Baessell.
  2. At least half a million numbers would get a blanket ban under ‘Spam’ cover and ‘Block Caller’ list for the alleged telemarketing reign of terror they are unleashing on the customers.
  3. And malicious prank calls no longer be endured. Hit the spam button and they would just get the message “Number not in service” vide Google Voice Help Page here.
  4. Google Voice would become the monopoly provider in India like once-upon-a-time (AT&T Bell Labs) since every other customer would ensure they port their numbers to Google.

    After a few years for administration reason Google would consider GV India to be split into multiple ‘baby voices’ (just like baby bells)

So, what are you waiting for, Google? Not to exaggerate but the entire subcontinent would only host a red carpet welcome to this service, without any doubts.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eight Commandments to develop divinity

To gain and develop divinity (aka) divine qualities in us we just need eight commandments to follow as outlined by Sage Gautama Maharishi (one of the Saptharishis – Seven Sages):

  1. Compassion
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Abstention from Envy and Jealousy
  4. Free of defilement
  5. Control of Mind and Senses
  6. Proper pursuit of material transactions
  7. Free of will and desire
  8. Free from avarice

[Source Courtesy: SSRF Inc]

Monday, October 25, 2010

“Uma Mohan”–The heartbeat of current trend divine music

Music is always the most best elixir. And particularly if it is a rewarding music that has a fine blend of divinity and relaxation seamlessly woven together it ascends great heights.

The renditions of Uma Mohan and her team rightly  proves this. There is another from the house of Uma Mohan called Amruthavarsha series. Check it out and order it from your nearest music store.

Precisely, I would say she helps as a valuable food and oxygen for the starved minds.

“Enthiran” in Troubled Waters

“Enthiran” seems to be landing in troubled waters with one more copyright infringement and IP law striking it like a meteor. A lesser known Tamil writer by name Aarur Tamil Nadan (aka) Amutha Tamil Nadan seems to have lodged a complaint with the city top brass cop alleging that the producers of the movie infringed on his intellectual property rights and the story was already published in a a magazine in the year 1996.

உக்காந்து யோசிப்பாங்களோ?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Vishing Attempt on LavanyaDeepak

A few minutes back there was an email from one of the colleagues in my recent previous organization. This folk was similar to our ‘Mental Francis’ and just wrote in the email subject (and an empty body)

“Hi deepak let me know ur mobile no

I was just curious and tried to get an initial contact with him. He was acting like a Visher trying to get information about the business critical details and/or gather personal demographics.

I have just  helped him with an information ‘fabricated to two hundred per cent’. If he is going to continue such things forever I am sure he is going to get his arse painted out in bright colors sooner or later sometime or other.

Command Mode Activated: LDCop Anyways to ensure that the current project or business is not impacted I have reported the same to appropriate personnel and have delegated the tasks for them to take him to task.

My principle is simple. ‘Write an email or communicate if you genuinely intend to. And please desist overusing/abusing/misusing the cloud computing facilities’.

With Halloween there is also a birthday of a saint …

It is always God’s grace that when there is an increased penetration of Raja/Tama, there is also a Sattwa component present to mitigate the same. Just realised that if 10/31 is going to be Halloween day then 10/31 also happens to be the birthday of Uma Mohan.

Let us hear her chantings and compilation on that day so that we can get Gods’ blessings.

An interesting Halloween item

With Halloween celebrations getting closer, Europe and The Americas are getting colorful.  Everyone would be busy preparing themselves greeting for the fun-filled celebrations under the hood of 'Trick or Treat'. I would like to share an interesting video compilation on Halloween fun where a shop seemed to have a caged skeleton and keeps shouting 'Get me out of here...' when some one crosses it.

At this juncture I would also like to draw your attention to the spiritual perspective of Halloween described over here. There is a heightened activity of ghosts and distressing energies during this period which involves we would need to be more inclined towards our chanting and association with the God.

The video has been masked, bordered and covered in SSRF fashion to prevent negative energies from emitting out of this post.

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

List of Personality Defects and Desirable Qualities

In any of the living being there is a fine blend of Raja, Tama and Satwaa gunas. The ultimate objective is to ensure a greater per centage of Satwaa and diminishing trends of the former two. As a gentle exercise towards the same we would need to ensure an introspection on what are the various personality defects that we nurture and what are the desirable qualities that we would need to work building towards.

  1. Worrying and brooding on something too much
  2. Succumbing easily to irritability
  3. Untolerable bouts of anxiety
  4. A trend of discouraging others
  5. An attitude of criticizing others
  6. Brandishing rude behavior and/or consequent demonstrated misdemeanour
  7. No tolerance
  8. Short Temper
  9. Quarrelsome
  10. Dominance
  11. Aggressive
  12. Revengeful
  13. Violent
  14. Destructive
  15. Merciless
  16. Cruel
  17. Lack of focus and/or concenteration
  18. Amnesia and/or Forgetfulness
  19. Indecisive
  20. A poor sense of judgement
  21. Impatience
  22. Impusive
  23. Lazy and Lethargic
  24. Untidiness
  25. Irregular and Not Systematic without any planning
  26. Inefficient
  27. Lack of Punctuality
  28. Lacking in Perseverance
  29. Lack of Initiative
  30. Too much of sarcastic humor
  31. An excessive indifference
  32. Ill-mannered
  33. Emotional
  34. Sans sentiment
  35. Sans Analytical
  36. Vague and Pointless talks
  37. Excessive and Heightened Pessimism
  38. Moody
  39. Depressed
  40. Eccentric
  41. Blaming others for no reason
  42. Blaming self for no reason
  43. Envious
  44. Biased
  45. Jealous
  46. Suspicious
  47. Secretive
  48. Apprehensive
  49. Attention-seeking (crazy about craving for fame and popularity)
  50. Too much conservative
  51. Narrow-minded
  52. Adamant and Stubborn
  53. Self-Centered
  54. Selfish and Possesive
  55. Miserly
  56. Lack of Self Confidence
  57. Submissive
  58. Shy
  59. Timid
  60. Inhibited
  61. Inferiority Complex
  62. Unsympathetic
  63. Lack of Caution
  64. Interfering
  65. Undutiful
  66. Disobedient
  67. Unreliable
  68. Unreasonable
  69. Inhospitable
  70. Ungrateful
  71. Corrupt
  72. Disloyal
  73. Immoral
  74. Day-dreaming
  75. Overspending (SpendThrift)
  76. Braggart
  77. Apathetic towards others
  78. Fond of frequent changes (aka) Wavering mind
  79. Over-ambitious
  80. Very perfectionist

The corresponding qualities that are desirable are:

  1. Calm
  2. Carefree and trust in Lord
  3. Appreciating others
  4. Tolerant
  5. Polite
  6. Calm
  7. Even Tempered
  8. Peace-loving
  9. Not-dominant
  10. Non-Aggressive
  11. Forgiving
  12. Constructive
  13. Merciful
  14. Kind
  15. Able to focus/concenterate
  16. Patient
  17. Controlled
  18. Hardworking
  19. Tidy
  20. Systematic and Planned Execution of Works
  21. A good sense of judgement
  22. Punctual
  23. Having initiative
  24. Perseverance
  25. Efficient
  26. Ambitious
  27. Happy-go-lucky
  28. Warm-hearted
  29. Social
  30. Well-mannered
  31. Analytical
  32. Not sentimental
  33. Talk Precise
  34. Optimistic
  35. Not moody
  36. Not eccentric
  37. Cheerful
  38. Unbiased
  39. Realistic
  40. Not envious
  41. Not jealous
  42. Not suspicious
  43. Open
  44. Non-apprehensive
  45. Not seeking attention
  46. Liberal
  47. Broad-minded
  48. Compromising
  49. Not self-centered
  50. Selfless
  51. Sharing
  52. Generous
  53. Self confident
  54. Psychologically independent
  55. Assertive
  56. Leader
  57. Socially bold
  58. Courageous
  59. Uninhibited
  60. Being balanced
  61. Sympathetic
  62. Helpful
  63. Charitable
  64. Hospitable
  65. Cautious
  66. Responsible
  67. Dutiful
  68. Sincere
  69. Obedient
  70. Reliable
  71. Reasonable
  72. Grateful
  73. Repentant
  74. Truthful
  75. Impartial
  76. Honest
  77. Uncorrupt
  78. Loyal
  79. Moralistic
  80. Having a good memory
  81. Practical
  82. Careful with money
  83. Humble
  84. Not boastful
  85. Respect others
  86. Stable
  87. Ambitious
  88. Perfectionist

[Courtesy: SSRF Inc]

Why have the people forget the golden doctrines of ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness?’

A while back whilst visiting a very close relatives house I just fount that they pile up the the old clothes and socks near the closet and they have the habit of cleaning it only once in a week. This also seems to be the practice of many households these days because all are work-goers and/or students in the family.

And people also try to keep up themselves awake till wee hours of mid night and then wake up around 11 AM. Then they resort to taking breakfast without even brushing the teeth.  I really get irritated by a few skunky arseholes who visit us at work without even washing their socks. I really need a different species categorization to brand and group those skunky bastards.

Just thought I would share a few of these observations along with the advices by our elders.

  1. கந்தையானாலும் கசக்கிக் கட்டு: Even if it is a worn out clothing and you don’t have an alternative one it is better to ensure a little wash and laundering of the same so that it is spic and span. Not just because cleanliness is next to godliness but also it helps keep you healthy. After all it links to another golden saying that சுவர் இருந்தான் தான் சித்திரம் வரைய முடியும். (meaning Health is Wealth)
  2. And regarding eating without bath is also strongly condemned by our elders. கூழானுலும் குளித்துக் கூடி indicates that even if it is a very simple porridge without much relishing tastes and delicacies it is recommended to take it fresh and clean.
  3. Regarding staying awake late night is again a thing to ponder upon. The time between midnight and 3 AM is strongly tamasik in nature. The time between 3 AM and 7 AM is called Brahma Muhurtha. It is recommended to stay off from the tamasic period as far as possible. [Courtesy: SSRF Inc]
  4. Let us try to ensure we stay away from such activities as much as possible. We have state of the art gadgets like washers and dryers to help us. We have well-versed and versatile todolists to streamline our tasks ably.

Hawaiian Suprabatam for my Lakshmi Narasimha today

A friend of mine sent me a very good Sri Yoga Lakshmi Narasimha suprabatam today. Couldn't resist hearing it though it was well about 11.30 AM because of the enchanting music. [I can hear your mind :) But I would need to clarify you that it is not by my Guru (Uma) but some one else.]

But just a mystical thought struck as a lightening since it was just around 5.55 AM HST (Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time)

Pradosham is equally applicable to Sri Vishnu too

Whilst browsing through a few articles in, I came across a lucid article explaining that the Pradosham is applicable in Vishnu worship too and not just for Siva temples. Check out the scanned article below.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Aippasi Full Moon Day (Pournami) Celebrations at Tanjore Sri Brahadeeswara Temple


Om Namastestu bhagavan
Visvesvaraya mahadevaya
Trayambakaya tripurantakaya
Trikagni  kalaya
Kalagni  rudraya nila kantaya mrityunjayaya
Sarvesvaraya sadashivaya
Sriman mahadevaya namah.

[Source Courtesy: Dinamalar]

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tanjore Nandi (during Pradosham October 2010)


Tryambakaṃ yajāmahe sugandhiṃ puṣṭi-vardhanam
urvārukam iva bandhanān mṛtyor mukṣīya māmṛtāt

[Courtesy: Dinamalar]

A Soul-Stirring Diwali Celebration …

This is a translation of “தீபாவளிக்கு ஒரு மத்தாப்பு” writeup by Susi. Krishnamoorthy from Guindy, Chennai in Mangayarmalar (October 2010) edition. On popular request from a few friends in FaceBook communities would like to publish this translation.

Not sure whether this can convey the real essence of the tamil writeup but just an humble endeavor.  To translate the content written by a girl needs to be in a girl’s cap. Command Mode Activated: 'Deepak as Lavanya’.

Over to the verbatim translation.


Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is always a crowning  colorful festival of India. You may observe that train reservations for Diwali get filled even a lot of months back. Omnibuses go at a sky-rocketing price during Diwali. It is a pan-India (and a pan-Universal Indian) colorful celebration. Though there are so much pluses with Diwali and there were so many Diwali’s in my lifetime the specific Diwali of interest was in 1974. The reason being it was my Thalai Deepavali. I was with my husband in Chennai and my parents were settled in Mumbai. My husband didn’t have much holidays and hence I started off to my parent’s place a week before and my husband agreed to reach Mumbai on the Diwali’s eve.

My husband had the itinerary of reaching Mumbai on the morning of Diwali eve. But since he wasn’t turning up till late evening panic started to grip us. Those days communication-en-route was not that easy and flexible as these days  because there were no mobile phones. Fuelling the confusions and anxieties, my neighbor’s son ran into our house gasping for breath and conveyed a message all south-bound trains have been blocked by ShivSena party cadre in a political strike. A few of the passengers were also held hostages it seems. I literally broke down into tears.

As time ticked well past 1 AM in the night my door was experiencing gentle knocks. It was a pleasant pat for me since it was my husband at my doorsteps. Though he looked tiresome and literally broke, the pleasant smile of the hearts rejuvenated our spirits. When asked what happened he was quickly narrating the incidents. “Since I had to start late from Chennai after my work and due to paucity of time, I was unable to purchase any sari for you, dear. A co-passenger told me that the train has a 30 minute halt in Pune. His little son gave me a box of sparklers and told it as a Diwali gift to aunty. But by the time I could search through the saris in Pune, the train left. I had to manage reaching Mumbai by alternating with bus and taxi. Though I just bought you a very plain vanilla simple sari when it included the cost of transportation it looks akin to an exorbitant silk sari cost. Smile“. We then consoled him that only because he alighted at Pune he was able to reach in time because the route between Pune and Mumbai was stranded and suffering because of political riots. 

During the early morning of Diwali when my parents had arranged for stone-studded silk sari, I just preferred to sport with the ordinary sari which my dear husband bought amidst the great turbulent difficulty since that looked more dear to me. And the first fireworks that we lit was the one the ‘unknown-kid’ in the train had gifted”.


--Susee Krishnamoorthy,
Chennai – 600 032.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Four Months Furore

  1. For a foe to morph into a friend it takes years since he would need to certify and clear the various trust examinations and certifications.
  2. For a friend to turn a foe it just takes less than a wink of an eye. Failing trustworthiness, mismanagement and perceived attitude problem may be a few contributing factors towards the same.

Let us take it on a simple month and year metrics scale for our simple case-study since only computers are fit to measure in seconds and picoseconds. And whilst just sharing out the above thought wondering what would be the good caption for this post and landed upon the figure of ‘four’ inspired from a song of ‘Baasha’ (where he splits the entire human lifespan into eight years).

P.S.: The figure of four is just for illustrative purposes. Any resemblance to live or historic fact may be purely coincidental.

Get your spiritual queries clarified

Kaliyuga and particularly the current year seems to  be witnessing a lot of war between Saatwic and Tamasic. There is a steady increase in negative vibrations all across the universe and the earth is engulfed with a thick black energy. Per SSRF we can conquer this through a steady association with our ista devta

You can also check out Spiritual Research Foundation website over here or from their fanpage. With Halloween nearby and the negative distress energy would be getting a leapstart now and that is why a lot of people experience dizziness and lethargy in the mornings.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The melodius voice of YN Sharma and HA Shastry

When you keep hearing YN Sharma and HA Shastry, you just forget looking at the system clock. It keeps you mesmerized and enchanted. Particularly I love the album ‘Rudram Namakam and Chamakam’ by YN Sharma and HA Shastry as indicated below.


You can get the Real Media download from here or can try ordering the same from the website.

“Café Deva– Spiritually Remixed” by Uma Mohan

If you are the one that lament that our spiritual music means a monotonous chanting then you are mistaken for life. Since Uma’s team has made a laudable effort in bringing a good collection of songs in their album ‘Café Deva’ with a distinct club remix music.

You can preview-play the samples and/or order the album from Amazon from here.

When is Bit.Ly? When is Goo.Gl?

Some one just emailed me a query that when they follow my posts from twitter they observe a Bit.Ly navigation but a few of there are links. They wanted if that indicates any significance of specific links, its importance etc.

I would like to clarify that there is nothing like that. When my automated tool feeds my blog links onto my twitter for easy navigation it does using my Bit.Ly application key. Whereas when I generate any short URL for a page that I find interesting manually, I do it using Goo.Gl URL Shortener that comes as a Chrome addon.

Trust this clarifies the user of Bit.Ly and Goo.Gl in my webpages and blogs.

What is happening to Sify Mail around 3 AM Indian Time?

No sooner the clock strikes 3 AM Indian than Sify web server slips into a deep sleep or at least those bunch of morons manning Sify data centers are not able to maintain the uptime of Sify scripts. You can not expect any responsible reply from as they would just copy-paste the standard responses from the pre-written boilerplate scripts.

Sify, being an offshoot of Satyam, I think is marching majestically to be another India’s second Enron. If this is going to the attitude of Sify Corp Management, next Tech Mahindra should gear up purchasing Sify Corp forthwith to  bring renaissance into it instead of waiting for a full collapse and a lot of heartbreaks associated with it.

Shameless Sectarians

I recently had an encounter with a convert-XYZ who demonstrated such a mean base bastardized attitude and hence just thought of sharing out this thought.  I have masked his religion into ‘XYZ’ because I personally do not want to seed any religion-based vendetta because of this sharing.

On Vijayadasami day there was some small function in one of our residences. When everyone was participating this braggart was vehemently passing disgusting comments which are quite denigratory and derogatory too. Not sure whether he thought how it would be just in case some one gave a fraction of the same back to him on his own religious literature and religion. If you don’t like a particular philosophy, it would be wiser to excuse off yourself from the circle rather than ‘poking your nose’ and dirtying the ambience.

Whilst this was one incident I also would share another related thread. This within the same religion but between two sub-sects where X.1 worships a particular Lord and Y.1 worships a particular lord. The follower P of X.1 strongly advises co-follower Q from desisting to worship and even respect Y.1. In my perspective it is upto P to stick on to his policies and it is a personal privacy preferences of Q to have his own doctrines.

I think we should have the brains of such sectarians amputated and a deep case-study conducted on how to remove such sectarian concepts from the world.

At least my Lord has advised me to desist from such weird denigrations. My Lord wakes up and retires to sleep everyday listening to Suprabatam by KJ Yesudas. We start our holy trekking after taking the order of His friend from His mosque. Even in my personal experience when I wanted to download His suprabatam, the friend who helped me by searching the Internet and coolgoose belonged to Christian religion.

So next time I swear if I witness sectarian concept being shown to me, I swear to use the most derogatory reply on such people that not just they but their lineage would not forget.

Advanced Happy Birthday to Uma Mohan

In less than two weeks (on October 31), our revered spiritual singer (Uma Mohan) who brings radical renaissance to through her melodious voice celebrates her birthday.

Let us wish her many many happy returns of the day and seek her blessings on the holy day.

The Good Gesture of Kadhal Kottai …

The movies are not always bad. There are a few gems too from even Kollywood. And one of the lotus that blossomed out of the mesh is Agathian’s Kadhal Kottai, a film where the lover and his beloved were exchanging hearts without even seeing themselves.

During the first introductory shot of our hero, ‘The Ultimate Star’ Ajith in the train to Jaipur he would be getting the date of birth of the co-passenger. When the co-passenger asked him the reason for collecting such details, he would reply that it is his habit of collecting those details even for very casual friends and known persons so that he can send a birthday card to them, with a word of reminder of ‘Where they met first’.

The world is an inn. We are all travellers. And such small gestures would ensure happiness to be spread amongst others. Though Kadhal Kottai got released around 1996 (my second year in College) I had an opportunity to view the film much later in 1998.

Ajith’s gesture had been an inspirational source to me which I had been emulating till now thanks to Facebook and Birthday Alarm alerts. At least for Ajith he had to maintain his pocket diary and this e-Age we have sophisticated tools to support communication and taking it to the next step.

Just thought would recall the start of this gesture in its twelfth anniversary month and the lucky birthday star of this day is the founder of ‘’.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Swine Flu (H1N1 Influenza)

Every year the swine-flu strikes with great fury throughout the globe. We hear governments requesting people to take precautionary steps and vaccinations. But what is that Swine Flu all about?

I was having a Swine Flu information mailer that was prepared by Dr. N. Lavanya of Apollo Hospitals (Hyderabad). Just thought would share the same here for the  benefit of everyone.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Srirangam Navarathri 2010 Celebrations

Next live update of Navarathri 2010 celebrations is from Srirangam. Again sincere thanks to Medavakkam Sri Srinivasa temple group for helping with the sectional videos. These have been merged together into single 4.11 minute video and has been shared along with this note for the benefit of devotees worldwide.


Thiruvallikeni Sri Parthasarathy Temple Kolu

Just a few minutes back when I signed on I observed that my friends and co-devotees in Medavakkam Sri Srinivasa Perumal temple sent me a few snaps of the Kolu arranged in Thiruvallikeni Parthasarathy temple.  I would like to share the same over here:

A few posts back I have mentioned that if I am unable to visit Him, He makes it a point to meet me. Read this post again here.
Interestingly the day of Vijayadasami is significant to me. My grandmother’s sister who was living in Thiruvallikeni was having the annual privilege of offering Chakkara Pongal thaligai every Wednesday. After her period this got cut off. I really put in a lot of efforts to take back this schedule but for some reason this got procrastinated due to a lot of negative forces.
Whilst one sister of my grandmother was instrumental in me thinking to take over this schedule after her, the other youngest sister who resides in Adambakkam earned the pride of unduly inflating the costs quoting her willful influence in the temple and thus discouraging me. I don’t care about these jokers. But today when I went to the shopping store, I got a cute chocalate icecream which resembled like Chakkara Pongal. Interestingly I was thinking of making Chakkara Pongal today.
And just after coming back from the shopping when I signed on, Sri Parthasarathy greets me in my mailbox.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Saraswathi Pooja in my Apartment

Pl. find a less than a minute mobile recording of the two-hour long Saraswathi Pooja with grandeur organized in my apartment.  The chief priests organizing the function was my HP computer coordinated by the divine enchanting voice of Uma Mohan and team.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The High Resolution Image of Sri Swarna Akarshana Bhairavar

I came across a high resolution image of Sri Swarna Akarshana Bhairavar from  a website. The pic is anyway scanned from an old edition of Gnana Alayam. I would like to share the same here for the benefit of other devotees and readers so that they can print it and preserve the same in their pooja room.



If only every woman tried to be this friendly in her marital home …

This October 2010 there was an excellent writeup by some one in Mangayar Malar. The author had shared her experience about Thalai Deepavali. Her spouse had tight deliverables and hence could arrive at her bride’s parents house only on the day of Diwali. Added to that the enroute political riots fuelled the chaos.

Despite this he risked his life and limb to get off the train in Pune to buy a saree for her. He missed the train but managed to reach by other modes of transit.

Though the bride’s parents bought her diamond-studded silk sareers, she had expressed that the one  bought by her spouse was more dearer and lovely for her. Also en route some one had helped him with a few fireworks with love. That was the first sparkler they lit and celebrated the Diwali.




If only every woman tried to be this friendly in her marital home then we would see an India that is free of marriage dissolutions, illicit paramour relationships, avaricious and aggressively greedy bridal parents who don’t want to partake their daughter’s income even after the marriage, cop/lawyer excesses and all sorts of spiritually negative things.

We have a good news for this quarter. India had been selected as a member of UN security council. And we have a Diwali that is close now coming up in less than a month. Let us hope that this Diwali let us have a Naraka Chaturdasi snanam to ensure that we get rid of Narakasurs as illustrated in the previous paragraph and we welcome a new year 2011 which is more Saatvik in nature.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Navarathri Kolu 2010

My friends shared a few Navarathri Kolu snaps to me. I just thought would share across with others as a 'Navarathri Kolu On The Internet' through this LavanyaDeepak platform.

Happy Navarathri to one and all!

Monday, October 11, 2010

I just can't stop loving you ...

Hello World!

Thanks to the few programmers who loaded Love 1.0.

Speed 1 Tera Hz.
Memory 1 Zeta Byte.
Recent Installation: The Evergreen Melodies of Love

And the most interesting and inspiring song that I love to hear all along on my MP3 headphone is 'I just can't stop loving you'.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blog Caption -- One and Top

You would have realised that the recent blog titles would just carry one. I had a little reminder from a lot of quarters to ensure that the blog caption is just one in 'Title' and start the content without subcaptioning it.

Sincere thanks for special persistent reminders to Prathiba, Anitha Ramalingam (Canada). The same has been implemented now.

Why me?

Many times when we are in a sorrowful state we always scold the Almighty and have allegations against Him for choosing us to be a victim of His cruelty. However at the same time when have a moment of rejoice we 'party' happily even forgetting to show even  a gesture of gratitude to His blessings. I just thought of expressing this view because of seeing some one's blog on 'Why me?".

The situation of 'Why me' comes to anyone for the following reasons?

  1. To make one realize that there is nothing which one does on its own. And everything is through the operations of the Almighty.
  2. When there is a pain or other negative feel that appears flowing in as if flood gates are opened it means you have duties to accomplish but we are relinquishing our moral responsibilities The pain is a pleasant reminder of the duties.

    I recall our earlier discussion that debilitation of planets is a remidner that we ought to realise our life on earth is towards proliferation of Satwaa component relinquishing the Raja and Tama.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Wonder Five in October 2010

The Wonder Five in October 2010

This October has a wonderful phenomena. It has the following features:

  1. Features Five Fridays
  2. Presents Five Saturdays
  3. Has Five Sundays
  4. And this is said to happen once in 823 years

Friday, October 01, 2010

Enthiran -- A Spectacular Scintillating Show along with a Social Message

Enthiran -- A Spectacular Scintillating Show along with a Social Message

Hello World!

Boom. Boom. Robot. I had an opportunity to view Enthiran, The Robot. Dot. I normally don't have the craze for watching movies. But somehow got an opportunity to sneak in for a show after fortunately getting tickets for the show in a nearby theater.

Speculation on Endhiran's Performance:
Enthiran is sure to a blockbuster not because it is a Shankar's direction (by the way he is another casual director); not because it is from the house of Sun Pictures (Sun Pictures would and can only 'buy' stuff to its portfolio). The essence of Endhiran are:

  1. The eternal superstar
  2. The storyline of Sujatha
Performance of Endhiran: (update on 10th October 2010)
Endhiran keeps rocking till date in all theaters across the world. The 'Superstar Rajinikanth' fan page also claims to have abolished all the piracy sources on the internet to the accuracy of 99 per cent. Way to go. Endhiran, that way, would be a landmark guidance for other movies of the posterity. 

Social Message:
  1. Dr Vasee (aka)Dr Vaseegaran has a good objective for his decade long hardwork and research - dedicating the robot (Chitti) to the army to save precious lives from lost in the war-field. However his senior (Dr. Bora) nurtures illwill against him in many ways including to advance his personal greedy gains by supplying robotic components to terrorists. To get a fine blend of both, he mis-programs Chitti in an attempt to get good booty for his malicious objective at the cost of bad name and risk for Dr. Vasee. As the tamil saying goes "கெடுவான் கேடு நினைப்பான்", Chitti kills him very soon. We do have a lot of Dr. Bora's hidden in our society as middle managers and managers involving in a lot of such activities like credit theft, sexual abuse of opposite sex fraternity in their team misusing their power and privileges.

    I think it it the crews intention of bringing such people to limelight through this character of 'Bohra'.
  2. "People lie for self-defence" but computers hold to their stand always. And sometimes people misuse the latter for the benefits it Chitti's complaint to Sana when she lied to the exam superintendant when the latter denied of any knowledge about Chitti.
  3. The current day intelligence and infrastructure of the police and security forces are really outdated against the technological advancements. This is clearly evident from the way they confront Chitti when he is making his way from the wedding hall with Sana. 
  4. Time-old judgements are order of the day. The climax of the movie indicates the jury asking Dr Vasee to dismantle Chitti because it can not secured. If it can not be secured then why is such a big police force in the country? Can the jury also disband the entire police force in the nation to save a lot of revenue for the national ex-chequer? I would have appreciated if the jury ordered removal of the sixth sense component from Chitti so that it would remain at least as a robotic computer rather than destroying it in Toto. 
Enthiran: A movie with a difference. A movie with a social message. A movie that is intended to serve as a striking warning to erring creatures. "If you use it correctly I would help you. If you use misuse me  you are dead" DOT.