Monday, October 25, 2010

“Uma Mohan”–The heartbeat of current trend divine music

Music is always the most best elixir. And particularly if it is a rewarding music that has a fine blend of divinity and relaxation seamlessly woven together it ascends great heights.

The renditions of Uma Mohan and her team rightly  proves this. There is another from the house of Uma Mohan called Amruthavarsha series. Check it out and order it from your nearest music store.

Precisely, I would say she helps as a valuable food and oxygen for the starved minds.

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Sunil said...

she and my sister has collaborated in many projects which is based on our vedic chants. the most well known project is sacred chants which has almost 5 series.. even my sister has worked in the next album of amruthavarsha.. - Narayanadhoss