Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shameless Sectarians

I recently had an encounter with a convert-XYZ who demonstrated such a mean base bastardized attitude and hence just thought of sharing out this thought.  I have masked his religion into ‘XYZ’ because I personally do not want to seed any religion-based vendetta because of this sharing.

On Vijayadasami day there was some small function in one of our residences. When everyone was participating this braggart was vehemently passing disgusting comments which are quite denigratory and derogatory too. Not sure whether he thought how it would be just in case some one gave a fraction of the same back to him on his own religious literature and religion. If you don’t like a particular philosophy, it would be wiser to excuse off yourself from the circle rather than ‘poking your nose’ and dirtying the ambience.

Whilst this was one incident I also would share another related thread. This within the same religion but between two sub-sects where X.1 worships a particular Lord and Y.1 worships a particular lord. The follower P of X.1 strongly advises co-follower Q from desisting to worship and even respect Y.1. In my perspective it is upto P to stick on to his policies and it is a personal privacy preferences of Q to have his own doctrines.

I think we should have the brains of such sectarians amputated and a deep case-study conducted on how to remove such sectarian concepts from the world.

At least my Lord has advised me to desist from such weird denigrations. My Lord wakes up and retires to sleep everyday listening to Suprabatam by KJ Yesudas. We start our holy trekking after taking the order of His friend from His mosque. Even in my personal experience when I wanted to download His suprabatam, the friend who helped me by searching the Internet and coolgoose belonged to Christian religion.

So next time I swear if I witness sectarian concept being shown to me, I swear to use the most derogatory reply on such people that not just they but their lineage would not forget.

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