Friday, October 01, 2010

Enthiran -- A Spectacular Scintillating Show along with a Social Message

Enthiran -- A Spectacular Scintillating Show along with a Social Message

Hello World!

Boom. Boom. Robot. I had an opportunity to view Enthiran, The Robot. Dot. I normally don't have the craze for watching movies. But somehow got an opportunity to sneak in for a show after fortunately getting tickets for the show in a nearby theater.

Speculation on Endhiran's Performance:
Enthiran is sure to a blockbuster not because it is a Shankar's direction (by the way he is another casual director); not because it is from the house of Sun Pictures (Sun Pictures would and can only 'buy' stuff to its portfolio). The essence of Endhiran are:

  1. The eternal superstar
  2. The storyline of Sujatha
Performance of Endhiran: (update on 10th October 2010)
Endhiran keeps rocking till date in all theaters across the world. The 'Superstar Rajinikanth' fan page also claims to have abolished all the piracy sources on the internet to the accuracy of 99 per cent. Way to go. Endhiran, that way, would be a landmark guidance for other movies of the posterity. 

Social Message:
  1. Dr Vasee (aka)Dr Vaseegaran has a good objective for his decade long hardwork and research - dedicating the robot (Chitti) to the army to save precious lives from lost in the war-field. However his senior (Dr. Bora) nurtures illwill against him in many ways including to advance his personal greedy gains by supplying robotic components to terrorists. To get a fine blend of both, he mis-programs Chitti in an attempt to get good booty for his malicious objective at the cost of bad name and risk for Dr. Vasee. As the tamil saying goes "கெடுவான் கேடு நினைப்பான்", Chitti kills him very soon. We do have a lot of Dr. Bora's hidden in our society as middle managers and managers involving in a lot of such activities like credit theft, sexual abuse of opposite sex fraternity in their team misusing their power and privileges.

    I think it it the crews intention of bringing such people to limelight through this character of 'Bohra'.
  2. "People lie for self-defence" but computers hold to their stand always. And sometimes people misuse the latter for the benefits it Chitti's complaint to Sana when she lied to the exam superintendant when the latter denied of any knowledge about Chitti.
  3. The current day intelligence and infrastructure of the police and security forces are really outdated against the technological advancements. This is clearly evident from the way they confront Chitti when he is making his way from the wedding hall with Sana. 
  4. Time-old judgements are order of the day. The climax of the movie indicates the jury asking Dr Vasee to dismantle Chitti because it can not secured. If it can not be secured then why is such a big police force in the country? Can the jury also disband the entire police force in the nation to save a lot of revenue for the national ex-chequer? I would have appreciated if the jury ordered removal of the sixth sense component from Chitti so that it would remain at least as a robotic computer rather than destroying it in Toto. 
Enthiran: A movie with a difference. A movie with a social message. A movie that is intended to serve as a striking warning to erring creatures. "If you use it correctly I would help you. If you use misuse me  you are dead" DOT.

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