Sunday, October 31, 2010

Revathi–The Versatile Tamil Actress but …

These days with so many tamil movies being released the quality of the films is very much deteriorating. But at least the actors like Mohan, Revathi, Karthik, Raghuvaran, Kamal and Rajini were there in full vigor unde the stewardship of able producers like KB and Bharatiraja there was a good storyline.

Recently I had an opportunity to view of the films of Revathi. Not sure if it is coincidental but a continuous spurt of her films brings out a lot of thoughts for analysis:

  1. A love with a difference. Though she takes a little more time to overcome the suffered infatuation she did realize the true love of her spouse (Mouna Ragam)
  2. An earnest endeavor to bring back Kamal to full-track life from his suffering in solitude (Punnagai Mannan)
  3. A loving and responsible wife to bear and save the family life (Thotta Chinungi)
  4. The bold and the beautiful. Able to save her colleagues from the lecherous boss (Magalir Mattum)

Well. All Positive and let us be positive about the post and everything/everywhere else too. So what is the ‘but’ in the caption of the post? The but indicates my queries as below:

  1. Why does Revathi always succumb to such infatuations and then makes her way to the right destination? Why can not she think deeply into the longrun?
  2. Why did these good actor-actresses not active in the movie anymore leaving the reels to the crazy jokers?

I am glad to write about Revathi in the eve of birthday month of November where my blog normally airs the beautiful birthday song Nalam Vaazha. For a change and thanks to Revathi this song video is included now along with this post.

And this birthday song of ‘Lavanya Deepak’ has a new birthday baby to wish. My Vz Colleague (Sushmita Sundarrajan) is celebrating her birthday tomorrow, waving the green flag to the evergreen jubilant birthday month of November.


prasanth said...

I'm not sure what you mean in your question, so I cannot answer. Revathi is my favourite actress though. You are missing "Marupadiyum" from your list, one of her best.
But I agree with you about your comments about modern cinema.
The problem is that the modern audience is dominated by one demographic - young men, and these young men want a star to idolize.

In the past days of KB, Bharathiraja, Mahendran, etc - the audience was more diverse. There were women, elderly, families, etc, going to the theatres in equal numbers.

But these days, the only way to make a sure-fire hit movie is to get an actor, make him a "hero" who gets a pretty girl, because this is what the young men audience wants to see.

Deepak Vasudevan said...


Thanks for sharing your comments. The song from 'Marumadiyum' ('Nalam Vaazha') has not been overlooked. That song has been always glorified in my LavanyaDeepak network as official birthday song. :)

Sush said...

Thanks for the wishes. I just stumbled upon your post when I "googled" my name!!!!

thoughtsthoughtless said...