Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Four Months Furore

  1. For a foe to morph into a friend it takes years since he would need to certify and clear the various trust examinations and certifications.
  2. For a friend to turn a foe it just takes less than a wink of an eye. Failing trustworthiness, mismanagement and perceived attitude problem may be a few contributing factors towards the same.

Let us take it on a simple month and year metrics scale for our simple case-study since only computers are fit to measure in seconds and picoseconds. And whilst just sharing out the above thought wondering what would be the good caption for this post and landed upon the figure of ‘four’ inspired from a song of ‘Baasha’ (where he splits the entire human lifespan into eight years).

P.S.: The figure of four is just for illustrative purposes. Any resemblance to live or historic fact may be purely coincidental.

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