Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spiritual perspectives of movies …

The movies does convey a lot of messages and the way they convey and demonstrated does carry a lot of spiritual messages. A few of the actors and actresses that I would like to talk about and my observations are summarized below:"

  1. Positive Waves:
    1. Joseph Vijay. The always cheerful and positive looking charming handsome actor. No doubt he is called as Ilayathalapathi affectionately by everyone. His evergrowing optimism is the prime reason for his sustenance and growth despite stifle opposition by theatrical entities after the Sura flap.
    2. Shivaji Rao Gaekwad (known as Rajinikanth) who is a ardent devotee of Shri Raghavendra and his simplicity helps him to grow giant levels. Each of his film rocks the box offices like anything.
    3. Kamalhasan known for their family name and his hard work is affectionately respected as Universal Hero.
    4. Ajith, even in the most villanious roles sows a positive seed (Amarkkalam). He is rightly respected as Ultimate Star.
    5. We did celebrate the glory and greatness of our Revathi in a separate post.
  2. Negative Waves:
    1. Prakash Raj always villanious and disruptive on other people life ended up his marital life with a forced dissolution.
    2. Raghuvaran who was known for the notoriety roles in the film met a tragic death.
    3. Simbu (aka) Silambarasan is a spoilsport. I hate his films which are mild p0rnography in the name ‘youth hood’. Negative waves strike  his family and TR’s political gesture is challenged too.

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