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The days with Tanstia and SIDCO website development

The days with Tanstia and SIDCO website development

Today while commuting to work and I had to briefly wait for the shuttle service at Kathipara Junction near the SIDCO Regional Head Quarters. My memory slowly went back to 2000 when SIDCO and TANSTIA -FNF were our prospective clientele and it was really a great time of developing those websites, interactive team from the clients in giving the feedback, trips to SIDCO and TANSTIA offices in Guindy Industrial Estate. I was then at Agenda Net Marketing Private Limited, the software development unit of Takewing Advertising, Chennai.

SIDCO website work was initially handled by Raghav and subsequently it was my kid. TANSTIA works was handled by Dayanand, who is currently in Wipro. Currently the SIDCO office are merged with TANSTIA premises in Guindy since part of the SIDCO office at the Kathipara junction is being taken over by NHAI for the Kathipara flyover work.

SIDCO is really a great team to work with. Even though it is government unit, yo…

Rajastan Warrior - Teacher

Rajastan Warrior - Teacher

The subcontinent of India is really huge and you can really witness very much extremes of climate at the same point of time in the year. While Northern India is reeling under waist high and neck deep inundations of almost all the life-giving rivers of the regions, Southern India is reeling still under acute high temperatures.

Well! India's only desert (Thar Desert), which is Rajastan seems to have a different cursed fortune this year. While each time, it would encounter short falls of rains and perennial water scarcity, this year seems to be floods all along taking toll of its people in significantly huge numbers.

Besides the innumerable hardships that the floods are bringing to the desert-state of Rajastan, it has brought to limelight a lot of tangible observations in the state. Sometime a week back, it brought to headlines, the bureocratic red tape inertia, stewarded by a minister himself at the flood scene when a tourist group could not be saved since ne…

Kanchipuram Ekambaranathar Temple Kumbabhishekam

Kanchipuram Ekambaranathar Temple Kumbabhishekam

Today as I was commuting to workplace in the GST Tambaram road, there was a Kanchipuram - Chennai bus that was overtaking us. There was a small clip off notice that was pasted on the windshield. Normally our Chennai political guys use bus windshields for all these protests and I thought this would be one set of jokers doing this.  But as the bus slowed down, I read it. It was a message of Kumbabhishekham of Ekambaranathar temple in Kanchipuram.

It is a very famous temple in Kanchipurum dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is really old and built by the Pallava kings around 1509 AD and reflects greatest architectural designs and innovations of the then Pallava dynasty.

You can check out details of this Siva Temple from my personal website in the 'India Temple Network -- Siva Temples' section.  (You need to select 'Thondai Nadu' in the top navigation bar in the 'Siva Temples' page)

Self Defense Programs in Sun TV

Self Defense Programs in Sun TV

Yesterday I was starting a bit late to the office and since the television was switched on and in the Sun TV, it was Vanakkam Tamizhagam programme that was being telecasted. It is really good that they have good programmes in the morning. Two of the programmes that very much attracted my attention were:

Indha Naal Iniya Naal (I guess that this was 'Indru Oru Thagaval' in All India Radio sometime back) by Then Kachi Ko Swaminathan.Tharkappu Kalai (Self Defense) -- Typically about Kobudo art of self defenseI personally feel that the Self defense programme that is being telecasted by Sun TV is really an excellent programme, anchored by Kobudu Krishnamurthy. I would try get the details of the institute and share with my readers. Typically, as the programme anchor explains that this is targetted for women who face innumerable difficulties outside from antisocials like robbers and eve teasers. So next time in the morning when you are free, keep your tel…

This Day That Age (Entry into VIT)

This Day That Age (Entry into VIT)

It was the same day (29th August 1999) and it was Ganesh Chaturti that time. After completing the admission formalities of the then DoTE (Directorote of Technical Examinations) of Anna University, I had to visit my college (Vellore Engineering College, now Vellore Institute of Technology).

The initial verification of documents, payment of hostel feels, visiting and booking of hostel rooms, introduction to various key persons of contact by the team and so on and so forth. Four days and September 4, the college was opening up for first year students. Also check out my post on Alma Mater here.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Wish you all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations. Let us pray Lord Ganesh to bless us with all success in all spheres of life and world peace.

Shuklaambara Dharam Vishnum Shashi Varnam Chatur Bhujam
Prasanna Vadanam Dhyaayet Sarva Vighna Upashaanthaye

Vakratunda Mahakaaya Suryakoti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Mey Deva Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvada

Newer Clothes and from Novel Innovative Textile Shops

Newer Clothes and from Novel Innovative Textile ShopsCome festivals or memorable days like birthdays, weddings etc, it is our usual practice to buy new clothes, jewellery etc.  Perhaps, new cloths also mark formal business events like preparing for an overseas business trips, school opening etc. Clothes and garments have also of late become like an important gift items. The marketing efforts by the various textile merchants too show how competitive the textile markets have become.I personally feel that textile shops in T Nagar to be really having excellent stock of good designs and collections. Just a fond recall of some instances and good testimonials about T Nagar textile shops are being shared across here. Sometime about five months back, myself and my friend wanted to buy some shirts for his sister's wedding. That was the time, when our workplace was also in North Usman Road. We almost searched for some good things in the newly opened Saravana Stores, Pothys, The Chennai Silks

My Vibrant eHome

My Vibrant eHomeIt has been a while since my personal website got a friendlier touch, a cool navigation, a simplistic approach, a soothing appeal. There were bits and tidbits of turnarounds yesterday and eventually these paved a finer way to sit down and refine my website and a friendlier AJAX navigation for more better user experience.There are more to conquer and more milestones to win. Currently check out for updates.

Ustad Bismillah Khan passes away

Ustad Bismillah Khan passes away
Veteran Shehnai Maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan passes away due to a cardiac arrest on the wee hours of Monday. He was about ninety and survived by five sons and three daughters. He was aptly awarded as 'Bharat Ratna' after Pt. Ravishankar and MS Subbulakshmi, the most highest civilian honour in the country for his contributions to music.
The other awards that he has won are Sangeet Natak Academy award, Tansen Award and Padma Vibhushan. His childhood days were at Varanasi Kashi Viswanath temple where his uncle was Shehnai player.
India misses a great musician of honor with the demise of Ustad Bismillah Khan. Let us spend a couple of minutes to pray the Lord Almighty to bless his soul to rest in peace.

Integrated with Google Gmail Account

Integrated with Google Gmail AccountThis weblog has been integrated with Google GMail Intregrated Blogger Beta. With more powerful blogging features, upgraded templates and choicy blogging features, there is more information planned to come and serve you.Stay Tuned for updates...

60th Indian Independence Day

60th Indian Independence DayAmidst a lot of tensions from within and sourced from external terrorists and anti-national forces, it is a great pleasurable and joyous moment for each and every citizen of this great nation (India) to celebrate with greater levels of enthusiasm our 60th Independence day from foriegn clutches. It is true that we have a lot of ardous ordeals that are being encountered; a lot of separations and difference of opinions but there is one fine blend of relationship that runs as a strong undercurrent that keeps us knit together -- the passionate thought of being the child of Mother India.As like other Independence day celebrations, each of the states have their own Independence day celebrations and the Apex central government representatives hoisting the flag in Red Fort, New Delhi. The greatest source of inspiration for this Independence day is the seven-point oath that has been administered to youth by our President Hon'ble Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. I woul…

Mudichur Sri Vidyambigai Temple

Mudichur Sri Vidyambigai TempleJust at Tambaram and about four kilometres from there in a serene atmosphere, we have a beautiful Siva Vishnu temple. The main deity here would be Sri Vidyambigai and this temple also has Sri Vishnu shrines and it is said that Udayavar (Sri Ramanujar) had climatic issues prohibiting his travel to Sri Perumbudur and he conducted his upanyasam from here.The temple is famous for Wedding Prayers. When I went to the temple it was about half past ten. Usually the temple gets closed that time in the morning but there was some 60th wedding of some person who has organizied homams for the Lord and hence it was purely His blessing to have the darshan of the Lord inspite of travelling late. The travel from Tambaram to Mudichur is punctuated by buses but the return journey we may need to wait a while or there are share autos, which facilitate ferrying of passengers to Tambaram back. After having darshan of the Lord, I returned to my workplace at about 12 noon.

Blog Unconference in IIT Chennai during September 2006

Blog Unconference in IIT Chennai during September 2006A biggest blog camp is being planned and scheduled to be organized in IIT campus Chennai. Separate tracks have been planned for blogging, vlogging (Video Blogging), PodCasting. There are also plans to make it global with participants across the continents participating through video conferencing.Check out BlogCamp website for further details.

Trip to Thirumullaivoil

Trip to ThirumullaivoilAs a followup to the regular Aadi Month temple visits, I started from my workplace at about 0400 PM to CMBT (Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus). Initially the plans were either Thiruverkadu or Thirumullaivoil. The initial decision the previous day (Saturday) was to go to Thiruverkadu but the phenomenal crowd at CMBT, I thought not to venture into the crowd for security reasons like abundant pocket pickers would be found in the buses.As I got down in CMBT, I left to the Lord as to decide whether Thirumullaivoil or Thiruverkadu. Whoosh.... A direct bus bound from CMBT to Thirumullaivoil just brushed across and stopped near me. It was a divine and instant answer and I took the bus and it was about 40 minutes journey through Ambattur Industrial estate to Thirumullaivoil. As I got down at Thirumullaivoil, there was a small confusion. All I know was the 'Kodiyudai Amman' (the name of the Lordess) and there were plenty of temples over there. Now the fun is how to …

Adhi Rudra Maha Yagnam Invitation

Adhi Rudra Maha Yagnam InvitationOne more sacred and a holy function during the Aadi month that you need to schedule in your calendars. International Sai Organization has planned a Adhi Rudra Maha Yagnam at Prashanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi, Hyderabad for a period of twelve days from 09th August, 2006 to 20th August 2006.With more 11 homa gundams and 140 Ridwigs participating and making the function holy, there are plans  to perform Maha Rudra Abhishekam to the Maragatha lingam, in the presence of Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba.Those of you in the neigborhood of Puttaparthi and those who wish to go there, can plan thier schedules accordingly to get His divine blessings.

"No No" to Coke and Pepsi

"No No" to Coke and PepsiThe news of each state in India joining the bandwagon on imposing a ban on the sale and consumption of Coke and Pepsi softdrinks following a press release from a research group (Centre for Science and Environment) in New Delhi that they have spotted high amount of pesticide content in them. They have also prepared a comprehensive report on the topic which is available at the study results URL of the website.I think, it is the second or third time Coke and Pepsi are coming into media with these types of complaints. Sometime about an year back there were complaints in New Delhi that a person found a lizard in Pepsi bottle and that created a turmoil and headlines were busy discussing these for a month long period.Check out this newsgroup URL for details.I really wonder what is so attractive for people with just carbonated drinks. There are more healthy drinks all over India and many of them natural products, which are to be given more patronage than the…

An hardware to protect the software

An hardware to protect the softwareToday being Saturday, I had some work in State Bank of India and after completing it, I was coming to my workplace. On the way, I saw some hoarding advertisements by UTI Bank emphasizing the necessity of helmets. A few days back there has been an active campaign by the City Commissioner of Police, Ms. Lathika Charan near LIC, Anna Salai distributing pamphlets to two wheelers emphasizing the necessity of wearing helmets. She even handshaked and congratulated two wheelers who were wearing helmets, in an appreciating gesture.People feel that it is an undue burden wearing an helmet making heads to unnecessarily sweat and also it brings in baldness because too much sweat makes the hair to fall. But I don't think helmets are a burden. It is rather a necessary guard to the head to eliminate any forthcoming burdens or pains that you may encounter, in case of head accidents. There is a big hoarding in T. Nagar, near Prince Jewellery junction put by Chenna…

Reading Classes For the Visually Impaired

Reading Classes For the Visually ImpairedOne of the most vital sense for any human is the vision. It provides an inevitable window for a living being to the external world. Sometime back, we have been discussing about the greatness of eye donation. Perhaps I would like to recall the post here before discussing about the volunteering services or reading classes.Coming back to the current discussions, one of our Ashanet group members had been kind enough to share information about some of the Volunteering services like Reading for the blind or the visually impaired that is held in Chennai every weekend. I would like to share the same with other readers, so that readers who find time in the weekend can provide reading services for the blind.ProgrammeAgenda: Reading classes for the visually challenged people.
Languages: English and/or TamilThere is absolutely no stipulation like having minimum technical skills in teaching or past experience. If you are fairly comfortable in reading and wri…

61st Anniversary of Hiroshima Nuclear Impact

61st Anniversary of Hiroshima Nuclear Impact

It was this day (August 6) in 1945 that Hiroshima had to confront the total devastation from United States Airforce dropped the LittleBoy (the first ever nuclear atom bomb) on the Japanese City of Hiroshima. While Japanese military could understand the air attacks of United States as part of World War and could alert the residents not to venture out, least did they forecast that the weapon that is about to be dropped on thier cities is first of its creed and kind and is going to paralyse the city. Three days later, FatMan encountered Nagasaki, the second Japanese city, forcing Japan to surrender to United States, bringing to the close of second World War.

It is clear that the use of nuclear weapon really in brought in to the end of World War II but the effects on the innocent public and masses were profound even today. The effects of nuclear radiation are still reverberating across the Japanese cities. That is why, the world countries are try…

Bhavani Amman Temples in Tamil Nadu

Bhavani Amman Temples in Tamil Nadu

The power and prowess of Lordess has never been underestimated and particularly during the month of Aadi, which has been exclusively dedicated to the worship of Shakthi as has been time and again reemphasized in this weblog. In this post, we would cover in depth about Bhavani temples in and around Chennai.Even today people in Tamil Nadu consider that an attack of small pox or a chicken pox to be as a visit of Goddess Amman. This is triggered off by a series of visits to nearest Amman temples and also after the recovery, visit to other Amman temples. The most significant of the Amman temple near Chennai is Periyapalayam. It lies somewhere in the Chennai - Thirupathi highway on the route of Tada. It is near to Arani in Tiruvellore district near Chennai. Do not confuse this with Arani in Vellore district.The most significant of this temple shrine are:There are thousands of devotees who visit this shrine during the month of Aadi and stay for a week to of…

Patinettam Perukku

Patinettam PerukkuRivers have been treated as very holy in India and are treated as forms of Lordess. With our earlier post on divinity associated with the month of Aadi, this is again an emphasis in the same direction. Typically the eighteenth day in the month of Aadi is of tremendous significance in the state of Tamil Nadu, at least in the Cauvery delta region. This is also known as Aadi Perukku.Aadi festival assumes more significance since the Sun also changes its directions. The two indicators Uttarayanam and Dakshinayanam respectively applying for the month of Thai (January - February) and Aadi (July - August) highlights this too. The month also kickstarts the start of various festivals and the world enters a festive spree with a plethora of festivals lining up after this month. With the monsoons in full swings during this month, all rivers are supposed to flow to its brim. The predominantly agricultural sector of the region (Cauvery delta) observes the 18th day of month, they go…

Varalakshmi Vratham

Varalakshmi VrathamFriday August 4, 2006 is celebrated all across the southern states of India (AP, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharastra and Kerala) with deep piousness and devotion to the Lordess Mahalakshmi (the Lordess of Prosperity), which is known as Varalakshmi Vratham. Colloquially, in Tamil it is also known as Varalakshmi Nonbu. The Goddess is also symbolized as Varalakshmi (aka) granter of boons. The festival is observed before the full moon day in the month of Aadi (July - August). This festival is predominantly observed by married women and girls and is significantly noted for its very strict adherance to certain austerities and practices.The Rituals Day Before:The house is cleaned the previous evening of the festival.A bronze or a silver pot filled with rice or water, coins, turmeric, a whole lime and a betel nut.A photograph of Lordess Lakshmi is adored with jewels and is placed in front of a cocunut.On the Day:The next day morning (on the day of Varalakshmi Vratham), women …