Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Newer Clothes and from Novel Innovative Textile Shops

Newer Clothes and from Novel Innovative Textile Shops

Come festivals or memorable days like birthdays, weddings etc, it is our usual practice to buy new clothes, jewellery etc.  Perhaps, new cloths also mark formal business events like preparing for an overseas business trips, school opening etc. Clothes and garments have also of late become like an important gift items. The marketing efforts by the various textile merchants too show how competitive the textile markets have become.

I personally feel that textile shops in T Nagar to be really having excellent stock of good designs and collections. Just a fond recall of some instances and good testimonials about T Nagar textile shops are being shared across here. Sometime about five months back, myself and my friend wanted to buy some shirts for his sister's wedding. That was the time, when our workplace was also in North Usman Road. We almost searched for some good things in the newly opened Saravana Stores, Pothys, The Chennai Silks. We personally felt that The Chennai Silks is good for shirts and sarees of modern designs. But on a traditional touch weddings and gifts to closer friends (We had to purchase a saree gift for a friend sometime about three months back), I feel RMKV is the definitive choice.

This post does not rate anyone rather the bottomline of the post is to emphasize the greatness of textiles in each and every aspect of human life. As a Tamil proverb goes "Al Paadhi Aadai Paathi", a man is half adjudged by the textile he wears and his personality and so rightly, our forefathers have accorded the most prestigious position for clothes among the trio "Food, Clothes and Shelter". And we need to mention about the great achievements of RMKV in the textile segments too. A few of them are:

  1. The World's Longest Silk Saree
  2. A Silk Saree with largest number of (about 50000) colors in it.
  3. The latest innovation -- Reversible Silk Saree (A saree with two designs in itself -- front and back)

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Anonymous said...

You need to add customer service also to the list for rmkv

I really had a wonderful experience, I just lost 500 rupees worth of shirt purchased from rmkv.

Today I feel cheated and look forward not to visit rmkv any time.

I purchased a shirt material after stitching and washing it, all the shine is gone and its totally wrinkled. rmkv says that its cotton so it would happen so.