Saturday, August 12, 2006

"No No" to Coke and Pepsi

"No No" to Coke and Pepsi

The news of each state in India joining the bandwagon on imposing a ban on the sale and consumption of Coke and Pepsi softdrinks following a press release from a research group (Centre for Science and Environment) in New Delhi that they have spotted high amount of pesticide content in them. They have also prepared a comprehensive report on the topic which is available at the study results URL of the website.

I think, it is the second or third time Coke and Pepsi are coming into media with these types of complaints. Sometime about an year back there were complaints in New Delhi that a person found a lizard in Pepsi bottle and that created a turmoil and headlines were busy discussing these for a month long period.Check out this newsgroup URL for details.

I really wonder what is so attractive for people with just carbonated drinks. There are more healthy drinks all over India and many of them natural products, which are to be given more patronage than these unsafe slow poisons. A few of them are:

  1. Diary Products (like those from Aavin in Tamil Nadu)
    1. Hot Milk
    2. Butter Milk
  2. Tender Cocunut Water
  3. Fresh Fruit Juices

Having a Coke bottle or a Pepsi bottle has become more a status symbol following the big heroes who give marketing advertisements for these products. The big heroes who work for the products in fact get crores of rupees and we try to emulate them by spending the money from our wallets to invite health hazards and then reserve some money to be given to doctors and medical practitioners to cure these health hazards. Does it really needed? Is it not time to move towards healthy natural products?

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