Thursday, August 31, 2006

Kanchipuram Ekambaranathar Temple Kumbabhishekam

Kanchipuram Ekambaranathar Temple Kumbabhishekam

Today as I was commuting to workplace in the GST Tambaram road, there was a Kanchipuram - Chennai bus that was overtaking us. There was a small clip off notice that was pasted on the windshield. Normally our Chennai political guys use bus windshields for all these protests and I thought this would be one set of jokers doing this.  But as the bus slowed down, I read it. It was a message of Kumbabhishekham of Ekambaranathar temple in Kanchipuram.

It is a very famous temple in Kanchipurum dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is really old and built by the Pallava kings around 1509 AD and reflects greatest architectural designs and innovations of the then Pallava dynasty.

You can check out details of this Siva Temple from my personal website in the 'India Temple Network -- Siva Temples' section.  (You need to select 'Thondai Nadu' in the top navigation bar in the 'Siva Temples' page)

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