Friday, August 11, 2006

Reading Classes For the Visually Impaired

Reading Classes For the Visually Impaired

One of the most vital sense for any human is the vision. It provides an inevitable window for a living being to the external world. Sometime back, we have been discussing about the greatness of eye donation. Perhaps I would like to recall the post here before discussing about the volunteering services or reading classes.

Coming back to the current discussions, one of our Ashanet group members had been kind enough to share information about some of the Volunteering services like Reading for the blind or the visually impaired that is held in Chennai every weekend. I would like to share the same with other readers, so that readers who find time in the weekend can provide reading services for the blind.


Agenda: Reading classes for the visually challenged people.
Languages: English and/or Tamil

There is absolutely no stipulation like having minimum technical skills in teaching or past experience. If you are fairly comfortable in reading and writing in the abovesaid languages, you can volunteer for the above noble cause.


YGP Auditorium (Near Vidyodaya School),
Thirumalai Pillai Road,
T. Nagar,
Chennai -- 600 017.

Timings: 1015 AM to 1300 hours (You can drop in and read for one to three hours, based on your feasibility). Though it is not an absolute stipulation that you have to come every weekend, it would be greatly appreciated with thanks if you could make it as a weekly visit.

Contact Persons:

  1. Sri Vatsan: +919840826662
  2. Suchitra Ramaswamy: +919840714566 or reach her at: Suchitra.Ramaswamy (at)

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