Sunday, August 06, 2006

61st Anniversary of Hiroshima Nuclear Impact

61st Anniversary of Hiroshima Nuclear Impact

It was this day (August 6) in 1945 that Hiroshima had to confront the total devastation from United States Airforce dropped the LittleBoy (the first ever nuclear atom bomb) on the Japanese City of Hiroshima. While Japanese military could understand the air attacks of United States as part of World War and could alert the residents not to venture out, least did they forecast that the weapon that is about to be dropped on thier cities is first of its creed and kind and is going to paralyse the city. Three days later, FatMan encountered Nagasaki, the second Japanese city, forcing Japan to surrender to United States, bringing to the close of second World War.

[Nuclear Weapons Used at Japan during World War II]

It is clear that the use of nuclear weapon really in brought in to the end of World War II but the effects on the innocent public and masses were profound even today. The effects of nuclear radiation are still reverberating across the Japanese cities. That is why, the world countries are trying hard and fast to control the use of nuclear warfare. This comes close to the heels as two Indian countries have also seemed to violate nuclear agreements that are prevailing internationally. Check out this news source for details.

Nuclear technology is really an excellent avenue but it is sad that some countries and low profile creatures are trying to misuse it for thier personal gains. But there are several constructive avenues where it can profitably used. Think of having a nuclear power plant and it can light up the entire area catering to powersupply, irrigation etc, compared to thermal or wind or hydel counterparts, which are weaker in nature. I admit that nuclear power stations have a costly infrastructural setup but our big brothers should try concenterating on making a constructive use of it for the global welfare instead of thinking it on the destructive perspectives.

Let us hope that in future, everybody in power understands the real constructive use of this powerful sword and forget about its destructive type. Let us pray the Almighty for the excellent double-edged sword and would pray Him to give us control that we use it only for constructive activities.

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