Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rajastan Warrior - Teacher

Rajastan Warrior - Teacher

The subcontinent of India is really huge and you can really witness very much extremes of climate at the same point of time in the year. While Northern India is reeling under waist high and neck deep inundations of almost all the life-giving rivers of the regions, Southern India is reeling still under acute high temperatures.

Well! India's only desert (Thar Desert), which is Rajastan seems to have a different cursed fortune this year. While each time, it would encounter short falls of rains and perennial water scarcity, this year seems to be floods all along taking toll of its people in significantly huge numbers.

Besides the innumerable hardships that the floods are bringing to the desert-state of Rajastan, it has brought to limelight a lot of tangible observations in the state. Sometime a week back, it brought to headlines, the bureocratic red tape inertia, stewarded by a minister himself at the flood scene when a tourist group could not be saved since neither the Fire Brigade and Rescue Services nor the army was informed regarding the stranded team in the flooded river. This way, the floods have brought to the headlines a great humanitarian soul.

It was in the Indo-Pak border village of Malva (in Rajastan) where a Madarasa teacher (Shaukat) risked his life acutely and saved about twenty tender kids by taking them to the top of mosque (mosque roof) since the flood situation there was grim. The fate had been very cruel to him. While he could save so many kids, his own kith and kin (family members) were ruthlessly washes off by the floods.

We need to really appreciate him for his life-risking social service and at the same time, we need to pray the Lord Almighty that he be given enough mental strenghts to bear the acute mental agony because of his loss of his kith and kin.

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