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Valasai Times -- Valuable Information Weekly Tabloid for Chennaites and those from near Valasaravakkam

Valasai Times -- Valuable Information Weekly Tabloid for Chennaites and those from near Valasaravakkam

Whilst waiting at the dentist clinic, I had a quick glimpse of the copy of Valasai times, a free weekly tabloid that is being distributed in the area of Valasaravakkam, Alwarthirunagar, Virugambakkam and Vadapalani. They seemed to be offering free book library on Sri Vaishnava books, free legal counselling etc.

I just thought I would share their contact numbers as mentioned for the benefit of other readers. The numbers as mentioned in the magazine are:

(91)93828-09000(91)44-24868975Do share this info with your other friends so that it would beneficial for everyone.

Sridasa Dharmasastha Aanmeega Sabha

Sridasa Dharmasastha Aanmeega Sabha

Day before yesterday there was hectic traffic jam near Guindy Azarkhana bus stop. Perhaps it was due to seasons holidays and people going to hometown are thronging the bus stations. I saw a big board advertisement/direction to a Sri Ayyappa temple near Adambakkam.

I just thought I would share the address with other devotees too:

Sri Gridhara Vilas Kalyana Mandabam,
#4-A. Thilaga Street, Nilamangai Nagar,
Chennai 600 088. Tamil Nadu. INDIA.

Telephone: (91)-44-2245-0355

Email: aanmeegasabha (at)

I haven't still visited the place and hence can not give driving directions or landmark etc. But just because of this fact, I didn't want this observation to be held in 'Writing Queue'. At least if I share this, some of them would visit and if they are kind enough to share reviews/reachability, it would be more elegant route.

Good Citizenship Gesture

Good Citizenship Gesture

This is just a quick interim introspection post on the eve of Seasons (XMas Week). I would like to particularly draw attention towards the telemarketing crap that has been raising its ugly head very much in our country despite TRAI's humble endeavor in formulating NDNCRegistry.

It takes a while for me everyday to squeeze an additional item into my Todolist but I have been reporting them with due diligence patriotism. Just recieved a kind appreciation from my network operator regarding the patronage of the same. I would also like to appreciate the network operator towards their patriotic gestures to weed out such crappy telemarketing parasites out of our nation.


This is a follow-up of our post on 'Shameless Neighbors'. I was just ranting about how the guy used his influence to mask the lack of technical skills of his sister-in-law to secure employment and even bypassing the medical checkup thus hiding the terminal epilepsy disorders.

A quick update. I have been observing that the harlot (I don't find any other word to describe her) has taken off for more than three weeks complaining of epilepsy and admitted in hospital. I am not sure how the Human Resources of that esteemed software company is still tight-lipped regarding the validity of her health requirements for the employment contract?

What is required is the line of demarcation between personal and professional spheres!

What is required is the line of demarcation between personal and professional spheres!

The most desired attitude amongst people of having to isolate their personal and business spheres is the one that is mysteriously and significantly absent at least in our region. We can observe this tendency in more forms than one. This is really a huge topic to discuss and hence I just thought on a social concern basis, seed the brainstorming to happen and then slowly develop on this topic as we get more ideas adding what can be done to alleviate the problem created by such mischief mongers.

In a way mixing up of personal and professional setups in a callous way would be disastrous and catastrophic to developments in both the sphered. Let us try to identify the entities or ethical terrorists that entrap us in such a dragnet.

One can observe a lot of government offices where people make the best booty by lifting office resources like sugar, stationary etc and replenish their home inventory. I admit we …