Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shameless Neighbors...

Perhaps a clear example of people can behave with the most temerity for their own selfishness. A friend of mine recently got wedded. He had a few issues because the girl was little uncomfortable in getting accommodated to the matrimonial home. The neighbor who is a Malayali family seems to be taking an undue advantage of the same fuelling the problem by creating false stories about the girl to the groom's family and using their network to create fake harassment incident narrations to the girl's father in a blatant attempt to create a rift. 

Our 'detective' mind sniffed it. I tried to use my network to find what is going on. We found out that the malayali family had two girls. One girl eloped with 'another caste' guy a few months back. Though they can not digest it they were rebelliously suppressing their feel because she is earning and their son-in-law is also placed in a well-to-concern. The second girl in fact used her sister's husbands influence to join the same company bypassing the usual medical tests despite her terminal epilepsy disorders. She wasn't at technical too but that was overlooked by the so-called 'influence'. 

It also seemed that the girls' dad seem to be having a sort of extra-marital relationship in another country (I think it was Nigeria) and hence he was not willing to spend on the medical expenses on the second daughter. So effectively 'he wanted to wash her off'. They tried to create a melodrama of 'one-sided love' between her and the groom spreading the rumor to spread through the town.

I just tried to advise my friend to stay away from such hooligans and not to entertain them much.  I am just recalling the 'Moham Ennum' song of Sindhu Bhairavi which demonstrates how crazy people can be when coming to satisfy their bestial instincts.

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