Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sridasa Dharmasastha Aanmeega Sabha

Sridasa Dharmasastha Aanmeega Sabha

Day before yesterday there was hectic traffic jam near Guindy Azarkhana bus stop. Perhaps it was due to seasons holidays and people going to hometown are thronging the bus stations. I saw a big board advertisement/direction to a Sri Ayyappa temple near Adambakkam.

I just thought I would share the address with other devotees too:

Sri Gridhara Vilas Kalyana Mandabam,
#4-A. Thilaga Street, Nilamangai Nagar,
Chennai 600 088. Tamil Nadu. INDIA.

Telephone: (91)-44-2245-0355

Email: aanmeegasabha (at)

I haven't still visited the place and hence can not give driving directions or landmark etc. But just because of this fact, I didn't want this observation to be held in 'Writing Queue'. At least if I share this, some of them would visit and if they are kind enough to share reviews/reachability, it would be more elegant route.

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