Friday, December 11, 2009

What is required is the line of demarcation between personal and professional spheres!

What is required is the line of demarcation between personal and professional spheres!

The most desired attitude amongst people of having to isolate their personal and business spheres is the one that is mysteriously and significantly absent at least in our region. We can observe this tendency in more forms than one. This is really a huge topic to discuss and hence I just thought on a social concern basis, seed the brainstorming to happen and then slowly develop on this topic as we get more ideas adding what can be done to alleviate the problem created by such mischief mongers.

In a way mixing up of personal and professional setups in a callous way would be disastrous and catastrophic to developments in both the sphered. Let us try to identify the entities or ethical terrorists that entrap us in such a dragnet.

  1. One can observe a lot of government offices where people make the best booty by lifting office resources like sugar, stationary etc and replenish their home inventory. I admit we can also witness this attitude in a good number of other organizations too.
  2. A hallucination amongst people that IT guys are high earners and low workers. People don't understand that IT guys are high risk takers too compared to other organizations besides putting yeoman efforts sacrificing personal time for their business proliferation and/or promotional activities. We have dealt with this particular point at a greater depth already over here.
  3. A false notion amongst the society that people working in so-called em-en-sees (MNC) :) always are too indisciplined and spend time flirting with their other partners. They fail to understand that MNC concept has broken the geographical borders bringing in free flow of knowledge and harmony across the globe.

    Some bad people take a false advantage of this type of attitude by advancing their unhealthy companionship under the guise of friendship, which needs to be strongly condemned and in all ways unpardonable.
  4. Again there are people who would use their prowess to declare and/or root poison in either of your spheres by using their tactical skills honed and geared to their sinister goals in a rather unprofessional and disgusting ways.

    You may see this type of manifesting in family disputes and personal vengence where some one would go to the workplace of other to vent out their anger etc. Not sure what type of hysteria does this get categorized onto.

    This also shows up its ugly face amongst foul-mouthed coworkers as well. A succinct example of this test case has also been discussed sometime over here, with the guinea pig being 'Francis'. No wonder, such coworkers can better be called as cow-orkers.
  5. The predominantly male-chauvinistic society seems to be playing a bad hand in this perspective as well. At least when our female colleague is little depressed making her stiller weaker and to prey upon her seems to be the bad sport being brandished with a much pompousness. We strongly condemn this attitude and we should leave no stones unturned in ensuring that our females folks feel free and confident in all ways. The greatness of womenhood has been discussed in depth sometime back over here.

    My only suggestion to the women folk is that they would need to be little confident and develop self-confidence rather than succumbing to their emotions and then lamenting later.

The simpler solution to deal with such cattle are to abstain from them similar to having a mask for H1N1 influenza. Or if you are simply enthusiastic guy, send an invoice to the person and his immediate (personal or work supervisory cadre) intimidating you for his 'contributions' which we discussed over here.

Readers: This is an initial brainstorming of a significantly deep topic that needs a great amount of pearl-diving to unearth more test cases. Share out more such cases that you would have come across, how have you dealt with them and how do you plan to manage those herds in the future.

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