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A Panoramic view of “The LD Heaven”

The LD Heaven city has expanded its borders a still more. The city boasts some of the enviable features as below:Dedicated farming/agriculture zoneDedicated inventory/warehouse so that stock could be stored for the rainy days.Community Buildings like Hospitals, Post-Offices at a quick walkable distance.Neatly laid out asphalt roads connecting the segments.Our “Always Green” campaign is ensured to be given paramount importance as always.We also dedicated franchise headquarters for specialised business segments for efficient and timely servicing.Welcome to “The LD Heaven” – your future home.

A Couple of Snaps from Sabarimala …

Tough crowd at the Sabarimala Temple (2010 December – Mandala Pooja Season):

A panoromic view of Sabarimala:

[Source Courtesy: Sabarinathan Chockalingam]

“The Gift of the Magi”

The most blissful gift I received from the Almighty during this Christmas was an opportunity to view the recorded serials of the story of “Sri Raghavendra” (in Vijay TV’s ‘Mahan’ Serial) that is being aired from August 2010. In an humble endeavor let me seek to share the title song of this melodius religious serial packed with morals with others.

Cruising Calmly on the Internet Shores …

OpenDNS is a free ISP DNS replacer providing superior intenet services for free besides enhancing the security infrastructure available for us in surfing the Internet. All you get this for free (free of any bucks and free of ads too)Whose site is that I know
His home and work elsewhere though
But my visits have a lot of spagetti tracks
The travel too has a lot of traps.PhishTank and OpenDNS might think it queer
To ply by without safety thought near
With all the crazy browsers and obsolete AV around
At all times of the clock with its security skills profoundOpenDNS gives a gentle browser shake
To ask if there is a mistake
The only other navigation is my Chrome Alert
Of the flashy and fishy website dirtThe iWay is lovely dark and deep
But I have missions to accomplish
For safe and secure miles to travel before I sleep
For safe and secure miles to travel before I sleep

[Adapted from 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening' (Robert Fro…

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2011 to everyone!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2011. Remember to toggle your calendar to remind on January 1 2011 towards the worship of Lord Shiva. [Information Courtesy:]

The True and Eternal Lavanya…

Yesterday whilst surfing around the Internet I came across website. I used to have a small pocket photo of this Lakshmi Narasimha for a long time before. Just thought I would create a small image for the benefit of everyone. I would fondly recall the reason behind my pen-name over here attributing to this Lord.

“The LD Heaven City” Mayoral Progress

With all the blessings of philanthropists, patronage of businesses in my city, cooperation of the citizens and blessings of the almighty, “The LD Heaven City” is progressing towards the next majestic and peaceful mayoral elections. You may check out the snapshot from Zynga Gazette above.

A quick quiz can help feed a child…

The best charity is supposedly feeding someone. World Food Programme is ushering in an as unique campaign that by taking a small quiz and extending a visit-patronage to the website that way to feed a child.Check out the Quiz Programme over here. The total quiz does not make or take more than three minutes even on a slow dialup connection. Neither it gathers any demographic information which we normally shun to give because of fear of identity theft and/or the following telemarketing menace.So go ahead and take the quiz. You stand to gain a little information-statistics about the globe and gain the inner eternal bliss for your heart that your noble gesture is on the rolls towards feeding a hungry soul.

High Resolution Images of Lord Ayyappa for your desktop and pooja room

Snow Snow All Around. It is the manifestation of Lord Shiva in Virginia …

The first bout of snow showers and winter storm struck through the state of Maryland and Virginia yesterday. Today morning weather there was around two inches of snow cover all along the surface. It looked as if the area had been white-painted all over. Temperatures continue to be running subzero. You ought to stay warm with the help of diversified protective clothing from the head to the toe.For me it just appears as a manifestation of Lord Shiva. Here is a saatvik picture of Kailash Mansaravor.Tathpurushaaya Vidhmahe Mahadevaaya Dheemahi
Thanno Rudra(h) Prachodayaath.A few snaps from the snow-clad VA are below. Pardon me for the low resolution (taken from Samsung Alias ™ Camera Mobile) which is just about 2 MP resolution.Snow Fall Virginia 2010 VIEW SLIDE SHOWDOWNLOAD ALL

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanam

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Paarayanam is to be held on 19th December 2010 at Sri Krishnaswamy Kalyana Mandapam, Boag Rd, T.Nagar, Chennai-17.  Please find the invitation enclosed along with this post.Please make it convenient to attend and participate in the recitation. For those with access to US numbers you can also participate in every day Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanam by dialling the following bridge:Daily Sahasranama Parayanam  1-218-936-4141 and passcode: 08857 (9 PM Eastern Time)[Source Courtesy: Medavakkam Sri Srinivasa Temple Group Vijayaraghavan]

It is celebration time!

Just like Christmas eve and Christmas for Christians, today is a very holy day for everyone of us. Today is Margazhi Eve () Tomorrow the Margazhi Nonbu starts. We would like to recall our Thiruppavai recitation post here for the benefit of everyone.A few Thiruppavai discourses around the City (City Beats)A few quick updates. Velukkudi U. Ve. Krishnan’s discourse on Thiruppavai would have started today from 7 AM to 9 AM at Bharat Kalachar and would run till January 13, 2011.Another one By U.Ve. Sri. Kidambi Narayanan Swamigal
From 15 th Dec 2010 to 14th Jan 2011
Daily from 3.30 to 4.30 P.M.
Venue : 1A, Prakruti apartments,
41, Gandinagar I st Main Road ,
Adyar , Chennai 600 020.
Ph: 42120995 & 24405788.Medavakkam Sri Srinivasa Perumal temple Thiruppavai Celebrations Schedule:

5.30 am Thiruplliyezhchi & Thirupaavai recitation
Evenings to 7.30 pm Thiruaavai UpanyasamAndal Thiruvadigale Saranam

“The LD Heaven” ushers in Sri Rama Rajya…

The LD Heaven City” seems to be truly ushering in Sri Rama Rajya. I have planned the city in such a way that it networks with neighborhoods by trains and franchisees set up. This ensures timely flow of goods to and fro without hassles. With goods in place, the internal requirements are being met. The current warehouse status indicator is below:

The residential rental is no longer mandatory other than restricted from the CityVille framework limitation.  The city can optionally waive off rental collections for residences based on a typical cooperative model that its members are benefitted. Hope CityVille brings this rule relaxation too in its framework.Definitive frameworks have also been now set for the following:Health Care ClinicSecurity InfrastructureState of the art City HallThe city is self-reliant and well-stocked in terms of florists (“LD Florists”), fast foods (“LD Fastfoods”), bakery (“LD Bangalore Iyengars Bakery”). The city is also open to a few franchisee setup of neighb…

Sathyam Sathyam Hari Priye…

Yesterday whilst casually surfing around a few websites found a nice Lakshmi Stotram composed by Sage Agasthya. You can check out the lyrics here. The song rendition with music is by Uma Mohan. The music is so pleasant that it sucks all your stress and strain out of the mind and physique besides enhancing your spirits and energy levels to a great extent. Check out the song here. I have also shared across the same through the FaceBook network for the benefit of everyone.

61st Birthday of Superstar Rajinikanth tomorrow …

Tomorrow (December 12 2010), Shivaji Rao Gaikwad (commonly known as Rajinikanth celebrates his 61st Birthday. Eventhough he is a world’s renowned superstar he is known for his simplicity, god-fearing attitude and spiritual nature. Even after Enthiran release he had a spiritual trip to Himalayas. He is definitely a great role model for one to lookup and re-emphasize that whatever is bestowed upon us is by the almighty and towards His service. Let us recall his song that emphasizes this thought on his birthday from the film of Sri Raghavendra in the melodius voice of Dr. KJ Yesudass.

Another ‘Nallathor Veenai’ resurrected from squabbles …

Myself and Triplicane Srivatsan had initiated long time back a dedicated weblog to compliment the social initiatives of Srirangam-based Srimaan Trust. The noble effort which started and got seeded around early 2007 slowly gathered dust. The various services they perform just got landed in our mailbox only. Today I just ran a little C# script which sieved through my inbox, made the contents palatable for the blog and injected them into the blog. The albums were injected into my Windows Live Account. Since these were run from mostly an unattended script there might be a chance of unobserved typos but they have been recorded onto the blog to ensure its noble objectives are upheld. The emphasis is more on the content rather than the lexical vehicle. Well! Didn’t I yet spell out the URL? Check it out here.Gratitude to Ranga for kicking me out of the deep slumber to serve Him and His devotees.

It is 118th birthday of National Poet Subrahamania Bharathi today…

December 11 1882 was the birth year of Subrahamania Bharathi and today is 118th birthday today. I was just googling to find how about Bharathiar birthday celebrations but unfortunately could not find good number. Has this Mahakavi expected this to happen whilst he composed the lyrics of ‘Nallathor Veenai Seythu …’ poem. Listen to it here.On his birthday we would recall his ambitions for a sweeter greener India and swear to work towards it. Here is a small melodius poem penned by him in the sweet voice of Bombay Jayasree.

The Holy Pathinettam Padi–A closer look high resolution picture

I am glad this divine post is featured as 1000th post in LavanyaDeepak Personal Blog.Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa!!!![Source: Dinakaran and P4Panorama]

“The LD Heaven City”

The True Love City of ‘Lavanya Deepak’ as featured in Zynga CityVille.  As a city mayor, I assure the most comfortable lifestyle experience to the citizens of  The LD Heaven and a rewarding experiences to the tourists of my city. Welcome to “The LD Heaven”.

Srivilliputhur kickstarts Markazhi Mahotsavam

We wish to humbly recall LavanyaDeepak's Thiruppavai Mahotsavam 2010and in this occasion we also with gratitude thank Andal for Her benevolent blessings in helping our video to be mirrored from Maran's Dog website.

Check out Dinamalar Temple website for more details about Sri Villiputhur Margazhi Mahotsavam 2010 kickstart.

Srirangam kickstarts Vaikunta Ekadasi celebrations

Ranga: And this year I raced ahead of you in kickstarting the Margazhi Mahotsavam. I know it is you who instruments everything and it is you to drive me but just sometimes this small view in a gesture of competition between friends. That is another unique bliss and pleasure which even Subramania Bharati praises in and as 'கண்ணன் என் தோழன் '.

[Courtesy: Dinamalar]

Winter relish ...

As noted in my previous post, I chose to stay indoors off-work to recharge myself after hectic weeks. Laptops and mobile phones turned off to ensure Work-from-home interferences are avoided with. But how long can you hide within the blanket like a dog in the couch?

So in Pandian film style tried a few kitchen adventures. Though I could get some good dishes after a little bit of haggling and embarassing the smoke detector it wasn't without touching the hot oven unknowingly in an excitement (Ouch!)

Voracious Week till Yesterday

Monday is the start of new business week. Interestingly the hectic heaviness of last week continued till yesterday late night. Had just completed a few project releases along with a setup of personal deliverables as pointed out by Todolist. Taking off today because of an undue stress-driven strain.

However the relaxation after work completion is always an exhilaratingly rewarding experience.

Dinamalar endorses our complaints on poor security practices…

Not any longer than we discussed about bad rotten apples in our security infrastructure than we have a good resilient example from the secretariat of Government of Tamil Nadu. Today’s Dinamalar Web Edition features a photograph where the secretariat building is fluttering the national flag which is in a mutilated condition.Is Government of Tamil Nadu ministers and/or the top notch security personnel unaware of 'The Flag Code of Conduct’? It is shameless to have this in a building which claims the highest amount of security infrastructure in the state when the national flag does not have its share of basic security and in a state where Kodi Kaatha Kumaran lived. All sworn-in ministers should morally take responsibility for this callous behavior at least they should fax their intent of resignation ASAP to +91-44-22350570 or email it at

When did Tamil Nadu (TN) become Tennessee (TN)?

This is on a recent experience. A call from Aircel Tamil Nadu on a Verizon Wireless phone masquerades itself as a Nashville (Tennessee) number. I was just curious whether Vadivelu (Politican) joke is coming true. In one comedy he used to say that Tamil Nadu is getting less benefits from New Delhi because of its distance. He used to show a map of India and tell that if Tamil Nadu is lifted and placed near New Delhi then it can get the full  benefits. I was just wondering if Muthuvel Karunanidhi and/or his team is trying to emulate Vadivelu doctrine post Obama visit in that in order to leverage on the benefits  of smart-sourching (as against erstwhile outsourcing) are they trying to place TN (Tamil Nadu) near Tennessee (TN)?We have initiated the service providers to look into the issue. And would keep you posted on the progress of the same.

Thunderous downpour, Delightful Showers After Harrowing Drought of 2009

Chennai is witnessing a good showers of rain. Should I call it “கொடுக்கற தெய்வம் கூரைய பிச்சிக்கிட்டு கொடுக்குது” or “பேய் மழை”. Whatever be it and even if it is going to another drowning floods making me to swoon in fatigue of ‘Water Water But Not One Droplet to Drink’, I uphold my love for the rain. Water is a gift of the open sky. It is a showers of blessings from the Lord. Let us not kick-open the umbrella which resembles like staging a black-flag demonstration.

Farmville is one farm where I can harvest midnight …

In villages people don’t visit farms after dusk and before dawn because farm can be inhabited by a lot of harmful insects and rodents not to mention about distress energies and negative-waved spiritually black creatures.  However Zynga Farmville makes an exception. At least to the set of FaceBook fraternity after a hectic day at work we just get a break of our life by doing a little farming at Farmville.Check out Farmville from here and experience for yourself.

It is a story where the guide is guillotined when he attempts to bridge between the fighting strangers …

No wonder elders tell “It is Kaliyugam” and “Kali muthip pochu” when there are atrocities committed. I have a recent experience from my friend’s life which turned out to be Vadivel’s comedy when he helped out two fighting brothers and in the process got beaten up. His other friend use to mock at him and say don’t go there and there are two sisters fighting that direction.An interesting fight with dirty and filthy words by person A targeting person B (our friend) and person C.Person C is known for clandestine unethical activities and can be termed as first-class ethical terrorist abetted by a number of ‘potential circle’.Person B does not want get his hands dirty. So he just offered to relay the information to and fro between Person A and Person C.Person A in his outburst of sheer hysteria claims that Person B is known for his notoriety along with Person C.Person C claims fabrication of issues by person A in conjunction with Person B.Interestingly we brought in a few panel of experts w…

Thiruppavai–Recitation and Lyrics

Around 16th of this month the month of Margazhi starts. The month of Margazhi is considered holy for both Saivites and Vaishnavites. It is mostly a musical month with all sabhas busy with various musical concerts and programs. The former chant Thiruvembavai and the latter Thiruppavai. There is a saying from the Lord as claimed from Bhagavad Gita “மாதங்களில் நான் மார்கழி”. I just thought I would share a small video which I prepared with the help of Thiruppavai Gosti chanting along with the lyrics. Interestingly whilst Margazhi starts on 16th December 2010, we are kickstarting the Margazhi Celebrations on 4th December 2010 (4 being the square root of 16)Andal Thiruvadigale Saranam

A Harvest from ‘Bliss of Solitude’

In a deep pensive mood whilst I was wandering across my farm and delivering my responsibilities as an e-Farmer I just realized that FarmVille is bringing to reality the dreams of Sri Subramania Bharathi.காணி நிலம் வேண்டும் பராசக்தி
காணி நிலம் வேண்டும் - அங்கு
தூணில் அழகியதாய் நன்மாடங்கள்
துய்ய நிறத்தினவாய் - அந்தக்
காணி நிலத்திடையே ஓர் மாளிகை
கட்டித் தர வேண்டும் - அங்கு
கேணி அருகினிலே தென்னைமரம்
கீற்றும் இளநீரும்பத்துப் பனிரெண்டு தென்னைமரம்
பக்கத்திலே வேணும் நல்ல
முத்துச் சுடர்போலே நிலாவொளி
முன்பு வர வேணும் அங்குக்
கத்தும் குயிலோசை சற்றே வந்து
காதிற் படவேணும் என்றன்
சித்த மகிழ்ந்திடவே நன்றாயிளந்
தென்றல் வரவேணும்பாட்டுக் கலந்திடவே அங்கே யொரு
பத்தினிப் பெண்வேணும் - எங்கள்
கூட்டுக் களியினிலே கவிதைகள்
கொண்டு தரவேணும் அந்தக்
காட்டு வெளியினிலே அம்மா நின்றன்
காவலுற வேணும் என்றன்
பாட்டுத் திறத்தாலே இவ்வையகத்தைப்
பாலித்திட வேணும். You can find the English lyrics and meaning from Bharathiyaar.Besides a free-time fa…

Demonic 2010 is wrapping out in a month and waning away and the Trinity takes over control …

You may not be aware that 2010 is an year for demons. The year itself had its birth with Chandragrahanam (Lunar Eclipse) playing spoilsport in the New Year Celebrations of 2010. Less than fifteen days from Lunar Eclipse during the Makara Sankaranthi festival when Lord Sun needs to be worshipped, Sun was engulfed in a Solar Eclipse. The effects of 2010 had been little traumatic throughout the year including for various temples. A few incidents to recall are:Sri Kalahasti Gopuram crashSrirangam Kaisika Ekadasi customs were tore apart by atheist HR&CE department of Government of Tamil Nadu.January 2011 New Year is born under the control of Lord Shiva. It is born under the control of Lord Saturn and Lord Shiva in its most holy Shanip Pradosham. You may check the Pradosham dates the current 2010-11 year here.You may also recall that Pradosham is applicable for Lord Narasimha too. Check out our earlier discussion here.