Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Demonic 2010 is wrapping out in a month and waning away and the Trinity takes over control …

You may not be aware that 2010 is an year for demons. The year itself had its birth with Chandragrahanam (Lunar Eclipse) playing spoilsport in the New Year Celebrations of 2010. Less than fifteen days from Lunar Eclipse during the Makara Sankaranthi festival when Lord Sun needs to be worshipped, Sun was engulfed in a Solar Eclipse.

The effects of 2010 had been little traumatic throughout the year including for various temples. A few incidents to recall are:

  1. Sri Kalahasti Gopuram crash
  2. Srirangam Kaisika Ekadasi customs were tore apart by atheist HR&CE department of Government of Tamil Nadu.

January 2011 New Year is born under the control of Lord Shiva. It is born under the control of Lord Saturn and Lord Shiva in its most holy Shanip Pradosham. You may check the Pradosham dates the current 2010-11 year here.

You may also recall that Pradosham is applicable for Lord Narasimha too. Check out our earlier discussion here.


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