Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another ‘Nallathor Veenai’ resurrected from squabbles …

Myself and Triplicane Srivatsan had initiated long time back a dedicated weblog to compliment the social initiatives of Srirangam-based Srimaan Trust. The noble effort which started and got seeded around early 2007 slowly gathered dust. The various services they perform just got landed in our mailbox only.

Today I just ran a little C# script which sieved through my inbox, made the contents palatable for the blog and injected them into the blog. The albums were injected into my Windows Live Account. Since these were run from mostly an unattended script there might be a chance of unobserved typos but they have been recorded onto the blog to ensure its noble objectives are upheld. The emphasis is more on the content rather than the lexical vehicle. Well! Didn’t I yet spell out the URL? Check it out here.

Gratitude to Ranga for kicking me out of the deep slumber to serve Him and His devotees.

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