Monday, December 06, 2010

When did Tamil Nadu (TN) become Tennessee (TN)?

This is on a recent experience. A call from Aircel Tamil Nadu on a Verizon Wireless phone masquerades itself as a Nashville (Tennessee) number. I was just curious whether Vadivelu (Politican) joke is coming true.

In one comedy he used to say that Tamil Nadu is getting less benefits from New Delhi because of its distance. He used to show a map of India and tell that if Tamil Nadu is lifted and placed near New Delhi then it can get the full  benefits. I was just wondering if Muthuvel Karunanidhi and/or his team is trying to emulate Vadivelu doctrine post Obama visit in that in order to leverage on the benefits  of smart-sourching (as against erstwhile outsourcing) are they trying to place TN (Tamil Nadu) near Tennessee (TN)?

We have initiated the service providers to look into the issue. And would keep you posted on the progress of the same.

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