Monday, December 06, 2010

It is a story where the guide is guillotined when he attempts to bridge between the fighting strangers …

No wonder elders tell “It is Kaliyugam” and “Kali muthip pochu” when there are atrocities committed. I have a recent experience from my friend’s life which turned out to be Vadivel’s comedy when he helped out two fighting brothers and in the process got beaten up. His other friend use to mock at him and say don’t go there and there are two sisters fighting that direction.

  1. An interesting fight with dirty and filthy words by person A targeting person B (our friend) and person C.
  2. Person C is known for clandestine unethical activities and can be termed as first-class ethical terrorist abetted by a number of ‘potential circle’.
  3. Person B does not want get his hands dirty. So he just offered to relay the information to and fro between Person A and Person C.
  4. Person A in his outburst of sheer hysteria claims that Person B is known for his notoriety along with Person C.
  5. Person C claims fabrication of issues by person A in conjunction with Person B.
  6. Interestingly we brought in a few panel of experts who concluded the issue that let person A and person C get their arses jotted into their intimate fight without pulling person B into the melee.

You can also find such stray incidents in Metropolitan Transport Corporation buses. Person A can be represent the conductor. Person C boards the bus from the front. Person B helps in passing the bucks and cash to the conductor and also helps in exchanging the tickets/change in the reverse direction. If there are confusions it is upto Person A and Person C to engage themselves in dog-fight rather than again soliciting Person B’s services as an intermediary.

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