Tuesday, December 14, 2010

“The LD Heaven” ushers in Sri Rama Rajya…

The LD Heaven City” seems to be truly ushering in Sri Rama Rajya. I have planned the city in such a way that it networks with neighborhoods by trains and franchisees set up. This ensures timely flow of goods to and fro without hassles. With goods in place, the internal requirements are being met.

The current warehouse status indicator is below:


The residential rental is no longer mandatory other than restricted from the CityVille framework limitation.  The city can optionally waive off rental collections for residences based on a typical cooperative model that its members are benefitted. Hope CityVille brings this rule relaxation too in its framework.

Definitive frameworks have also been now set for the following:

  1. Health Care Clinic
  2. Security Infrastructure
  3. State of the art City Hall
  4. The city is self-reliant and well-stocked in terms of florists (“LD Florists”), fast foods (“LD Fastfoods”), bakery (“LD Bangalore Iyengars Bakery”). The city is also open to a few franchisee setup of neighbors.
  5. The city follows ‘Go-Green’ campaigns, inspired by Olympia Technology Park. Wood-choppers are not entertained under normal conditions. The wild woods have been shifted to the periphery of the city besides shady trees have been setup throughout the city.


Welcome to “The LD Heaven” – your future home!

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