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No Smoking

No SmokingSometime back we were discussing about October 1 (Vijayadasami) and its significance for a new learning. Just thought I think, we can make it more concrete by spreading a message about cleaning our atmosphere too. Currently the worst killer of our Ozone is smoking of cigarattes, which also causes lung cancer not only to the smokers but to the passive smokers (people who are near the smoker and inhales the smoke). Let us pass the message that people should slowly stop this killer habit and make the world a better and a healthy place to live. Let us have this message spread and a swearing of No Smoking taken on the holy day of Vijaya dashami. We would also like to share with you an interesting DogSmoking movie, the video creation supported by Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation.

Happy Vijayadasami

Happy VijayadasamiOctober 1, 2006 is also revered as Vijayadasami, the tenth day after Dussehra for this year's Navarathri (Dussehra) festival. It is observed with extreme reverence and importance. Most of the schools in India also admit kids as part of the Aksharabhyasam on this day to get the blessings of Goddess of Education. Perhaps during the previous Vijayadasami greeting, we had the Aygiri Nandhini song to greet the Goddess. Check out the URL here.As a message about Vijayadasami and is glorious heritage and history, check out this URL.

National Blood Day

National Blood DayIt has been striking the headlines for sometime since to observe October 1 as National Voluntary Blood Donation day to spread the message and awareness of the need and necessity of blood donation. It should be understood that blood banks all over the country are in heavy need of blood to cater to patients undergoing a large amount of surgery of diversified types. Donating a blood does not weaken or destabilise the donor in any way. The donated blood is regenerated within the body automatically within 24 to 48 hours. Who can donate blood?Any person who is more than 18 years age and less than 60 years of age can donate blood.The Haemoglobin count should not be less than 12.5 g/dlThe donor should not weigh less than 45 kgs.The donor should be having a normal body temperature during the blood donation process.The donor should have a normal blood pressure levels at the time of blood donation.Preferably, the blood donor should not be suffering from any fever or infection w…

Driving in Nights -- Safety Precautions

Driving in Nights -- Safety PrecautionsBe it staying late at work and returning home or travelling to countryside for a weekend or a festive occasion, it is real pleasure to have our own cars since we have the pleasure of stopping and starting anywhere and the route we choose. With the amount of traffic we have in place at any point in Tamil Nadu and particularly the arterial cities and towns, we often chose nights for our journey. No doubt -- Night Journeys in car or train is a memorable occasion particularly on the National Highway 45 (Chennai - Dindigul). It would be even more memorable if we practice certain safety norms for our own and peer drivers who use the road.Ensure that we have enough of sleep during the day time and we are not exhausted. Night driving needs perseverence and concentration on the roads.Have a good knowledge on the route. Since we are travelling by night, if we are lost in the unknown jungles, there may not be enough resources to help us out of the ways. De…

Legendary Actress Padmini Passes Away

Legendary Actress Padmini Passes AwayIt is indeed a significant loss for Tamil world with the sudden demise of the legendary actress Padmini Ramachandran. Born on 12th June, 1932 in Poojapura near Thiruvanathapuram and together with her sisters (Lalitha and Ragini) was known as Travancore sisters. She started learning dance at the age of four and at the tender age of ten, she had her debut performance (arangettram).Though she was a very great actress, her entry into the filmworld was rather accidental. It was by invitation of the legendary dancer, Udaya Shankar, who was impressed by her dance performance that he invited her for his film, "Kalpana" (which became her first film). The other famous films of Padmini are Thillana Mohanambal, Vietnam Veedu. Let us spend a couple of minutes in silence to pray the Lord Almighty to have her soul rest in peace.

Bit Busy These Days

Bit Busy These DaysJust observed from my MSN Calendar since I needed to visit Parikkal sometime during Diwali. It has been since four years that all my schedules are religiously observed and recorded through my MSN Calendar. If there is an activity that is being solicited out of the same, I do not see even the courtesy of turning it down out right. After all, it is our time and time is more precious than anything. Time once lost can not be gained. Thanks to MSN Calender, and is able to streamline processes for me effectively.Just wanted to share some interesting observations.Since Blog UnConference in Chennai on 9th and 10th September, I personally observed that all my weekends are showing booked. There were some issues like Rahu Kalam interfering and thanks to the repeated advises of Organizer, that these things do not apply for Sri Vaishnavan and even obeying these Rahu Kalam, Yamagandam etc is a heinous sin and a testimony of disobedience to Sriman Narayana. Sometime bac…

World Heart Day

World Heart DaySeptember 24 is being observed as World Heart Day all over the world. Heart has been regarded as a very valuable physical and as well as mental resource throughout the world. To granularly quantify it:Physical It supplies all the organs in the body with necessary oxygen and rejuvenates it. Without it, there would'nt be any life.Mental Be it a love or affection or devotion, we always associate with to the heart. We always say 'Tell it from your heart'. With these arguments in place, WHO has rightly brought out the concept of World Heart Day for bringing comfort to heart care through out the world. World Heart Day emphasizes on healthy heart and cardiac habits by practising healthy diets and abstaining from smoking and other activities that harm the heart. Check out World Heart Day website for more details.

Escaping from Pocket Pickers and Making Celebrations Colorful

Escaping from Pocket Pickers and Making Celebrations ColorfulThe business hub of South India, Chennai is known for very many great fame, including the latest achievement of having a branch of World Bank coming up in Taramani. But Chennai is famous for its notorious pocket pickers and baglifters too. There are also white collar thieves in the caps of autorickshaw fellows, who would charge you anything ranging from 50 USD for a small distance of five kilometers from Chennai Airport to Tambaram or Vandaloor. All with the blessings and connivance of the political parties. Starting this week, it is Dussehra and then Diwali and a plethora of festivals lined up. It is upto us to ensure the safety and security of our valuables while we travel in public conveyances. This post is intended to illustrate how much we, commuters in Chennai Metropolitan Transport Corporation buses have to coooperate with the bus crew to bring this pocket picker menace down. A few tips to guard yourselves from pocket…

In the service of the Lord 'Sixth Purattasi Month'

In the service of the Lord 'Sixth Purattasi Month'What started as a humble practice of weekly visit to Triplicane Sri Parthasarathy temple sometime in 1999 Purattasi month has humbly stepped in to its sixth year this 2006. The weekly schedule has been continuing as a humble service and thanks to the Lord amidst little and more, meek and might trials and tribulations, acceptances and denials, supports and detests, schedules and free time, with the great blessings and choicest wishes of my Lord Sriman Lakshmi Narasimha and my friend, Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa.Vedhatthai Vedhath thinsuvaip payanai
vizhumiya munivargal vizhungkum,
Kodhilin kaniyai nandhanaar kaLirraik
kuvalayath thordhozhu dhetthum,
aadhiyai yamudhai yennai yaaLudai
appanai oppava rillaa
Maadhargal vaazhum, maadamaa mayilaith
thiruvallikkani kandanae.Palliyil Odhi vanNdhadhan siRuvan
vaayilO raayira nNaamam,
oLLiya vaagip pOdhavaaNG kadhanuk
konRumOr poRuppila Nnaagi,
piLLaiyaich cheeRi veguNduthooN pudaippap
piRaiyeyiR Ranalvi…

Amazing Bookshops in Triplicane

Amazing Bookshops in TriplicaneTriplicane is famous for many things. Not just the Sri Parthasarathy Temple. And new comers to Chennai particularly bachelors find Triplicane as a right abode of mansions and share accomodations. There is one more salient feature of Triplicane. Accompanied and supported by places like Moore Market and Luz. It is a noble academic service by some small shop keepers who buy and sell second hand books. In Chennai there are shops which sell novels and other bad books which are plenty. But in these three places you can find a lot of platform shops where you can find even rarest of the botany, zoology or mathematics from tenth, twelfth to even research sciences.Last thursday when I went to Triplicane, it started to rain a bit. I took a shelter near a fancy store, the platform near which there was a bookshop. Thanks to the heavy downpour that I could'nt come out of the shop and this poor bookshop was covered by a transparent plastic cover. Even that time, wh…

Precautions to take while driving in rains

Precautions to take while driving in rains

Rains are intense in very many parts of India and we have already discussed for the welfare of public regarding safety measures that we need to observe during monsoons. Sometime last week, there was a brief narration in Tamil Murasu, an evening daily in Tamil Nadu. It was actually an accident news that in Gurgaon where a family was driving in their closed cars through roads that have been flooded. They had thier car air conditioner switched on even in that chill climate. Unfortunately, the car got entangled in a ditch and in a bid to recover it automatically, the head of family, who was driving the car tried to switch gears but in vain. His hard efforts were joining hands with fate to act in the opposite direction. The engine started to emit and leak partially combusted gas, the silent killer (Carbon Monoxide) into the vehicle.

With the windows lifted off, the entire vehicle was soon engulfed with this gas bringing the entire family into uncons…

International Ozone Day on September 16

International Ozone Day on September 16

Ozone is a special form of Oxygen which is a lifesaver for the earth. You can check out the complete description of Ozone here. The special layer in the atmosphere that surrounds the earth is Ozone, which helps us by screening out harmful ultra violet rays from Sun, which can cause skin cancer to human beings. Unfortunately, the innumerable number of human made chemicals, pollution and non-bio-degradable substances are having unwanted chemical reactions with this Ozone and this layer of atmosphere is fast depleting.

Already, we are witnessing unusually high temperatures on earth, which Scientists are calling Global Warming and increasing of sea water levels due to melting of ice in the polar regions. Taking all these into consideration, United Nations Organization has decided to observe September 16 every year as 'International Ozone Day' to promulgate the necessity of every one in the world of thier duty to protect this life-saving protec…

E-Campaign to increase the tenure of our president

E-Campaign to increase the tenure of our presidentAs we know that the tenure of our current President, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is about to be over and a new president is planning to be sworned in. Kalam has a great vision for India and we need his dynamic leadership to take our nation fast forward.Sujeet Shilamkar (Pune) has started an online campaign in PetitionOnline website to move the Government of India in increasing the tenure of the president till at least 2020. Check out the following URL and give your signatures too.

Two days at India's Largest Blog Unconference at Chennai

Two days at India's Largest Blog Unconference at Chennai

It was indeed a great time and a spectacular weekend at India's Largest Blog Unconference, that was organized at Tidel Park, Chennai during 9th and 10th.  I have also shared some initial photographs through a live blogging here. Please note that embedded videos hosted at YouTube need a fast broadband connection.

Day 1

I reached TidelPark around 10 AM after little hallabaloo because of the stupid Velacherry route. I think Velacherry can be rightly crowned as the abode of educated illiterates for the type of road and civic sense they showcase.  Coming back to our discussion. After reaching Tidel and after a brief of security procedures and formalities, we resumed discussions in Track 1. Track II was more or less like discussions on wordpress hacks, blogspot beta etc. Track 1 was concenterating to community activities in blog, colloborative blogging, corporate blogging initiatives etc.

The evening had been scheduled for some b…

The Teacher's Day on September 5

The Teacher's Day on September 5

Teachers who educate children deserve more honor than parents who merely gave them birth; for bare life is furnished by the one, the other ensures a good life.

And so is rightly accorded a unique position of pride for teachers in our Vedas and Indian heritage "Acharya Devo Bhava". We observe September 5 as the Teachers Day in India. This also coincides with the birth anniversary of our former president of India, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.

It is indeed a festival of great glory to one and all. Without our teachers in our schools and colleges, we are no more. Without Millie Amon or Meena Suresh at Balalok, there could have been this Deepak or this weblog that you are reading and provides you a greater degree of reading pleasures and serves as sumptous information repository.

Let us try to meet our teachers tomorrow (be it school and/or college) and take thier blessings. Let us pray Lord Almighty for all welfare and prosperity of o…

Elegant Efficient and Excellent Personal Organiser Services

Elegant Efficient and Excellent Personal Organiser ServicesWe are busy. The work challenges and assignments keep us busy. No one can afford to waste even a second of time and aspire for victory. It was said that Napoleon Bonaparte of France gave greatest of great focus and attention to time and hence he was able to win most of Europe. But the same time, which he lost a few seconds made him to fall to his enemies in the Battle of Waterloo. Somewhere some weblog or Wikipedia, I read about this. Of course, this recalls me the European History, which we had in our tenth class chapters.Coming back to our prime line length discussions. This is an Internet age and I don't think time management can be underspoken of its value now. Rather its importance has grown manifold. And equally contributing is very user friendly sites that help us in our time management efforts. The most popular things are MSN Hotmail, Yahoo Calendar, Google Calendar etc. But among the flock of websites, the most s…

Oru Nimisham. Ameer Mahalukku Vazhi Solla Mudiyuma?

Oru Nimisham. Ameer Mahalukku Vazhi Solla Mudiyuma?In Hindu mythology, there are some spritiual observations like the following. Some people say they are superstitious but equally some people believe that a percentage of them is truth. I think, rather than beating around the bush, I would give you some examples which would illustrate this narration. We would two tamil proverbs for our analysis and study.When we start on a journey or a mission,A cat running across the street, is considered ill-omen.If someone (traveller or cotraveller) or one who bids adieu or a stranger sneezes, it is considered ill-omen.If some one interrupts you ('excuse me', 'yes kiss me', 'one moment') it is considered ill-omen.This analysis is purely on a scientific basis and it is ongoing. If you have a view, please feel free to share the same with us. Why do we say that when someone interrupts us it is considered ill-omen? The interruption is regarded as a speed-breaker.The focus on the …

A Party at Buena Vista ECR Chennai

A Party at Buena Vista ECR ChennaiSunday -- Energetically defining from the following perspectives.Just like charging a mobile, we charge ourselves with energy to take up the assignments of the upcoming week with more enthusiasm and vigor. Breakaway from the usual monotony and enthusiasm. This party of my team has been scheduled at Buena Vista ECR, Chennai. But for some reason, I chose to avoid this. Some reason or many reasons? To take it up in a lighter vien and interestingly though. I strongly see that this post should also make up an interesting Sunday reading of a Sunday experience and a Sun (brighter) day post.To recap some interesting facts about my philosophy, I would like the reader recall about our earlier discussions.Luxury Parties Or Compassionate Citizenship Or Pious Devotion Are we trading humanitarian attitude for modern life? Shame on the mimicing modernity But in this occasion, I would'nt be able to refuse this for simple reason that Prathiba and Wudali very much want…

Colorful Onam Celebrations

Colorful Onam CelebrationsOnam is a festival of grandeur celebrated all over our southern state of Kerala. This marks the homecoming of the legendary king, Mahabali. The festival roughly falls between August - September every year and this year, during the Malayalam month of Chingam. This year it comes on 5th September 2006.The significant features of Onam include the beautifully drawn Kolam (or Rangoli), which significantly adores the Onam festival and the Keralite homes that observe and celebrate Onam. The special Onam recipes that form part of the celebrations are AvialBanana HalwaCocunut ChutneyIdliMor KozhambuTomato RasamPalada PradhamanParippu CurryInjithairOlanThoranPineapple Pachady [Kerala has rich pine apple stores. My trip to Sabarimala, you can see lot of pineapple selling happening all around. It refreshes you very much].Masala PesarattuRice Puttuand so on and so forth ...Also check out the Onam Festival website. Sabarimala temple opens for Onam todayMelsanthi Sukumaran N…

Nationalized Banks -- Truly caring for the Nation

Nationalized Banks -- Truly caring for the NationSometime back, we have been discussing about the importance and need of small savings against spending lavishly. For the interested reader, here is the permalink for the post.  Yesterday, while I was travelling back home, I saw a campaign of Canara Bank with the slogan 'Savings Bank Campaign'. I fondly recalled the essence of nationalized banks, which are really friend indeed at times of need. With the plethora of unethical private banks in the finance arena of the nation, I think, each and every citizen should concenterate and focus on keeping thier savings in a reputed nationalized banks and thus patronizing them. There are very many instances you can quote as a comparison between how nationalized banks have a soothing touch for you and how private banks are only concerned with 'sucking your blood'. A few comparisons would make this clear.Nationalized banks have a good amount of security checks and authorisations instr…