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Mobile Phone -- When and When not to use...

Mobile Phone -- When and When not to use...

No doubt, handheld mobile phones are no longer fancy items to attract people. It has been an inevitable part of day-to-day life, thanks to the modern technology advancement for the most cheapest mobile phones being manufactured and lowest tariffs by competitive pricing among the various service providers.

Nevertheless, it does not waive the good ethics to follow while using mobile phones. Just would like to present a brief summary of tips on good mobile phone use:

  1. Health is Wealth: Mobile phones does not operate with a magic wand. They use IR (Infra Red) Radiations, quantities of which cause wreckage of your health.
  2. Kick start your vehicle and stop your mobile number. Missing a call will not kill you. (-- Quoted from a advertisement from CCTP -- Chennai City Traffic Police)
  3. Avoid your handheld phone in sensitive places. You may like to check out a partial list as below:
    1. Hospitals:

      All hospitals have very sensitive equipments which are susceptible to malfunctioning when exposed to IR Radiation.  You may deteriorate the conditions of the patients using the services of those equipments at that point of time.
    2. Banks:

      It is a serious security hazard from many perspectives using it.
      1. A thief can give details to his counterpart regarding the persons making withdrawals to a person outside, if mobile phones are allowed inside the bank.
      2. A ringtone can detract your attention while counting the money recieved from the teller or the teller itself.
    3. Temples and Religious Functions:

      Mobile Phones carry information from another party just like that. While you are using mobile phone, if some negative information like hospitalized, dead etc.comes while you are in a temple or in a holy function, it disturbs the sanity of the environment besides you. So, it would be better to have the handphone switched off inside the temples.
    4. Aircrafts:

      Aircrafts have very sensitive RADAR equipment, which interfere with Mobile signals. Using a handphone onboard flights is also a punishable offence as per Government of India. A handphone can cause serious disturbances to the operations of the flight. So, you can safely switch off in the interest of your own safety.
    5. Tidbits:
      1. Switch off mobile phones while in restrooms. Restrooms have a bad odour and hence talking there does not seem to present a good etiquette.
      2. Switch off while charging the phone. If by chance while charging you get a call, and you answer it without disconnecting the phone from the mains, you would be risking electric short circuit accidents. There are accidents reported in Tamil Nadu (Dharmapuri) district in August 2005 in Deccan Chronicle and The Hindu too to this effect.
    6. Mobile Phones are great to use. So while talking be considerate to your fellowmen at least with respect to the following:
      1. Volume level -- You can best adjust this with respect to the atmosphere you are in. Like, Silent in Discussion Rooms to Loud while travelling.
      2. HandsFree while you are in road and carrying luggages. This is for your comfortable talking and travelling.
    7. Mobile phone is for your comfort. It does not serve the purpose if enough talking value is not there. So while on Roaming networks ensure that you have valid talk period and Roam Eligibility besides verifying whether your network has good partnership agreement with the roaming networks.

I think though these are simple guidelines, these can make mobile phones best companions for you throughout.


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