Sunday, September 03, 2006

Oru Nimisham. Ameer Mahalukku Vazhi Solla Mudiyuma?

Oru Nimisham. Ameer Mahalukku Vazhi Solla Mudiyuma?

In Hindu mythology, there are some spritiual observations like the following. Some people say they are superstitious but equally some people believe that a percentage of them is truth. I think, rather than beating around the bush, I would give you some examples which would illustrate this narration. We would two tamil proverbs for our analysis and study.

When we start on a journey or a mission,

  1. A cat running across the street, is considered ill-omen.
  2. If someone (traveller or cotraveller) or one who bids adieu or a stranger sneezes, it is considered ill-omen.
  3. If some one interrupts you ('excuse me', 'yes kiss me', 'one moment') it is considered ill-omen.

This analysis is purely on a scientific basis and it is ongoing. If you have a view, please feel free to share the same with us.

Why do we say that when someone interrupts us it is considered ill-omen?

  1. The interruption is regarded as a speed-breaker.
  2. The focus on the work taken by the doer is interrupted due to the interruption. Remember that in the story of Mahabharata, Arjuna could precisely see only the dove's eye and not even the head.
  3. Since in olden days it was kingdoms and kings and there were feudal wars between the different territories. Hence the interrupter was also considered as a spy or part of an espionage system. But I think these type of spying activities are also not completely away even now.

Later on, we would discuss more Tamil proverbs and practices too.

By the way, why is the caption like that? If you have watched Visu's film 'Sakala Kala Sambandhi', there would be one character who always interferes with Visu's son-in-law (in film) and his daughter (in film) when they start out with this question. The film director too would give a very nice music in the background to provide emphasis to the situation.

Reader: If you have a Tamil Proverb to study and analyse, let me know. Share them as comments.

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