Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Shame on the mimicing modernity

Shame on the mimicing modernity

It is a shame at least in the city of Chennai what gets practiced in the so-called big restaurants, office canteens. Some scrappy idiots always have the habit of blaming the food that is being served over there. If you would do some ground investigation on thier backgrounds, it would be more hilarious comedy and there might be cases where they might be chain-smokers, incessant drinkers and eve-teasers.

I have been nurturing a silent brew of this feeling for sometime, as I witness such antipathy towards food by people in such places and sharing it out here.

The other hilarious comedy is to take as much food as possible, do a showoff to the accomplices and then throw it off.

I would like to fondly recall some of the positive aspects of life, which would be benefitted, if reader cascades this thought.

  1. In Hindu mythology, food is treated on par as Annapurani. The way the food is being threwn apart, it means an insult to the Goddess and accumulated bad debt in the credit balance book that Lord maintains for the person in his life. And to take it further, one who has completed Upanayam in Hindu religion, is expected to do Pariseshanam before he actually starts taking his food. More information about Pariseshanam here.
  2. Second perspective is from an humanitarian angle. Just because God has bestowed good cash in the wallet, it does not warrant a showoff just to attract some (girl) friends. If at all, a (girl-)friend is being solicited in that perspective, in my opinion, I would treat it as more blacklisted. Rather, I would prefer helping out a kid in an orphanage to get a free food happily. I guess, we have discussed on this topic sometime back here.

Let us swear to learn to boycott this bad practice and help mankind and serve the Lord in a more positive way.


Anonymous said...

hi deepak,

I agree wid ur second point very well.. poverty hasn't been still eradicated in INDIA.. i received mails wid pics of ppl at SOMALIA, embodiment of ELUMBU THOL PORTHA UDAMBU.. D importance of each rice grain, each wheat grain shud be known n be used judiciously.. :)

Deepak Vasudevan said...


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. National Poet, Sri Subrahmaniya Bharathi, even went to the extent of canvassing in his poems that if an individual citizen is being denied his basic right of food, there should'nt be any delay to wage a global war too.

I am concerned as to whether we should call this 'modernity', 'generation gap' or whatever lexicographical jugglery that can be deployed whatsoever.

Only when an individual understands from from his inner spirit, there would be real renaissance and improvement.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deepak,

I read your blog everyday and you are on my list at my blog http://karthik-nagaraj.blogspot.com

I wanted to comment on your article about how people waste food and how much value it is to people who do not even get to eat a grain of it for days together. Its a nice thought you have brought out - in marriages people waste so much food and the all the money spent goes down the drain - forget about money, it is the food that is wasted and cannot be consumed by anyone else. It straight goes to the 'Kuppathotthi'. :)

From what I have interacted with people, they dont seem to understand the value of food and why they should not waste it - some people say - if I dont eat it then it goes to the garbage, if I eat it, my stomach cannot take it, so my stomach is not a garbage, so let it be thrown. I then ask them - why did they even put so much in the first place. The root of all problems lies in our disability to educate these folks about the wastage of food.

If it were possible - hotels should start charging food disposal fee based on how much they waste in restaurants, people will then reduce the wastage. But then what about those places where they can pack the food and go home - they will throw it there anyway :) Yes, I believe we need to boycott such activites and learn some nice principles in life and not waste food that is so scarce in many places.


Deepak Vasudevan said...


Thank you for sharing your views. I do strongly agree on your suggestion like service providers should charge a 'Waste Disposal Fee'.

I think only when there is such a hard and fast rule, people would really understand the significance.

Anonymous said...

Hey Deepak,

Nirmala here. Sometime a few days back I was seeing Sun News and they were showing about same time in 1932-33 there were famines in Russia. They have even erected monuments to stand testimony of the bad administration fleecing public of food grains and mass genocide.

Hope now people realise how valuable is food.