Sunday, September 24, 2006

World Heart Day

World Heart Day

September 24 is being observed as World Heart Day all over the world. Heart has been regarded as a very valuable physical and as well as mental resource throughout the world. To granularly quantify it:

  1. Physical It supplies all the organs in the body with necessary oxygen and rejuvenates it. Without it, there would'nt be any life.
  2. Mental Be it a love or affection or devotion, we always associate with to the heart. We always say 'Tell it from your heart'.

With these arguments in place, WHO has rightly brought out the concept of World Heart Day for bringing comfort to heart care through out the world. World Heart Day emphasizes on healthy heart and cardiac habits by practising healthy diets and abstaining from smoking and other activities that harm the heart. Check out World Heart Day website for more details.

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