Monday, September 25, 2006

Legendary Actress Padmini Passes Away

Legendary Actress Padmini Passes Away

It is indeed a significant loss for Tamil world with the sudden demise of the legendary actress Padmini Ramachandran. Born on 12th June, 1932 in Poojapura near Thiruvanathapuram and together with her sisters (Lalitha and Ragini) was known as Travancore sisters. She started learning dance at the age of four and at the tender age of ten, she had her debut performance (arangettram).

Though she was a very great actress, her entry into the filmworld was rather accidental. It was by invitation of the legendary dancer, Udaya Shankar, who was impressed by her dance performance that he invited her for his film, "Kalpana" (which became her first film). The other famous films of Padmini are Thillana Mohanambal, Vietnam Veedu.

Let us spend a couple of minutes in silence to pray the Lord Almighty to have her soul rest in peace.

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Anonymous said...

she was indeed a very beautiful actress.she shared space with each and every heros of indian cinema.god had created padmini to prosper bharatham.she had done that for the past 60 years.may hersoul rest in peace