Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Party at Buena Vista ECR Chennai

A Party at Buena Vista ECR Chennai

Sunday -- Energetically defining from the following perspectives.

  • Just like charging a mobile, we charge ourselves with energy to take up the assignments of the upcoming week with more enthusiasm and vigor.
  • Breakaway from the usual monotony and enthusiasm.

This party of my team has been scheduled at Buena Vista ECR, Chennai. But for some reason, I chose to avoid this. Some reason or many reasons? To take it up in a lighter vien and interestingly though. I strongly see that this post should also make up an interesting Sunday reading of a Sunday experience and a Sun (brighter) day post.

To recap some interesting facts about my philosophy, I would like the reader recall about our earlier discussions.

But in this occasion, I would'nt be able to refuse this for simple reason that Prathiba and Wudali very much wanted a team colloboration effort. With these and with tons of my reverence and respect to them, it had been an arduous ordeal on how to get escaped from this. This has been nagging my mind for a couple of days and Prathiba herself equally nurtured doubt even yesterday while I was in office, whether I would actually turn up. So why?

  • What was that preventing me?
  • What was the mental and/or physical hurdle that stands in between or at least pretends or supposed to stand in between?
  • Is it a tangible hurdle or a horizon or an illusion?

Just a simple and subtle reply -- Object reference not set to an instance of an object. But of course, the above philosophical thoughts hold good at least to some percentage. And to add, there are some transient reasons which I would like to enumerate.

  • First and foremost, I wanted to avoid certain people who does not have a seamlessly friendlier protocol to handshake with. While I don't want to finger point anybody directly, I was upset for at least a month when Ramesh Nagarajan resigned from our team and when Santosh was giving a hint that in a previous party, a casual feudal conflict with a member drew towards breaking the camel's back and that he also attending this event, my simple and sweet responsive action would be AVOID. And I did'nt wanted my closest friends (and most of them appearing in my blogroll) to get disappointed and hence Airtel came to my rescue by flashing a text message, while my bus just brushed past Maraimalai Nagar, where Airtel Chennai approximately transitions into Airtel Tamil Nadu GSM circle.
  • Second, I had enough of personal chores scheduled yesterday. I had to meet somebody at Chengalput as part of my Community Service for my group based at Selaiyur and for AshaNet, Chennai. More than just a luxurious party, I would prefer community service.
  • Third, I have enough of routine personal and professional commitments to deliver and my calendar schedules to adhere to, before going ahead with having fun at the beach resort. I have miles to go before I sleep. If you have watched Visu's film, 'Sakala Kala Sambhandhi', Visu would give an advise to Pandian (the actor) in the film in the following regarding his lover, who departed him and went to her village. He was roaming in the groves. His advise was "You just loved her. But you have'nt been on any dating affairs. Neither were any parental meets regarding betrothal. Even for this infatuation love itself, if you are supposed to succumb your emotions, ignoring the welfare of your family and your elder sister, who is widowed and you have the commitment to ensure that she gets a good life and settlement, it is shameless on part of you. First take care of your family and then you can roam like Devadass in all these groves. These nature and other greenery would not go anywhere. They would all wait for you forever." I personally feel that this is a greatest of great advise and in fact has a convergence to Robert Frost advise (and my favorite phrases, which you can see in my personal website also):

    The Woods are lovely dark and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.

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