Thursday, June 08, 2006

Saving for the Rainy Day

The necessity of saving had never been underemphasized in any literature. At this juncture, I would like to fondly recall two slogans, though in the context of advertising, that I came across. One of the agencies is now defunct, but nevertheless, I don't find a reason, why we should not adopt this slogan (a good thing).

  1. State Bank of Travancore, T Nagar:
    "No one has ever collapsed doing saving operations for the future"
  2. Royeppetah Benefit Fund (RBF)
    "Let your first expense be savings".

Towards this, it had been magnanimous on part of the Governement of India, to open up banks to private entrepreneurs. However, as in the case of any private firms whose ultimate ulterior objective would be "profit making by cost-cutting using outdated technologies", there had been a steep deterioration in the banking quality. One such salient example being the number of grievances posted on ICICI Bank on Arjun's blog. In this context, it had been a dire need of PSU (Public Sector Undertaking) banks to gear up with more sophisticated technology to serve the people and saving the nation from public looting for the booty by these private entrepreneurial folks.

You would already read my earlier blog post on "Tight Schedule of the Week", which has elucidated my way of bringing in the fold the financial control and operations through Corporation Bank. At this juncture, I should also mention that peers who have accounts with country's bicentennial old banking institution (State Bank of India) need not worry.

The only set of State Bank branches which were kept on hold from the migration of Core Banking Network has been resolved by State Bank group. Now almost all State Banks in Chennai are Core Banked and you can freely transact, deposit and withdraw your cash in any of the State Banks without any hassles.

The only thing needed by the account holder is to have a visit to the branch only, get his new account number affixed on the passbook and he can start banking away in any state bank branch of his choice. In fact, we discovered these while visiting our SBI  Adyar last saturday.

With the nation's premiere banking with its slogan 'Safe Banking with SBI', let us join hands in saving for the rainy days with caution and care.


Anonymous said...

Deepak, have u recently visited SBI. They have changed the account number. It was really one more painful experience for me to get it done.
It almost took me 2 hours to finish the process and come. Also we need to handover the old cheque book and collect the new one according to new account number.

Deepak Vasudevan said...

Hi Ramesh,

You are true. The account number has been changed so that your account is now accessible across any State Bank of India across the subcontinent which has been brought under CBS (Core Banking System).

BTW, you need not return the cheque book. As long as the cheque leaves are there, you can continue. I think, some elite guy, has misguided you there.

Deepak Vasudevan said...

Canara Bank has launched a new scheme to cultivate the savings habit for young kids. They call it as 'CanChamp' Visit your nearest Canara Bank for more details.