Tuesday, September 12, 2006

International Ozone Day on September 16

International Ozone Day on September 16

Ozone is a special form of Oxygen which is a lifesaver for the earth. You can check out the complete description of Ozone here. The special layer in the atmosphere that surrounds the earth is Ozone, which helps us by screening out harmful ultra violet rays from Sun, which can cause skin cancer to human beings. Unfortunately, the innumerable number of human made chemicals, pollution and non-bio-degradable substances are having unwanted chemical reactions with this Ozone and this layer of atmosphere is fast depleting.

Already, we are witnessing unusually high temperatures on earth, which Scientists are calling Global Warming and increasing of sea water levels due to melting of ice in the polar regions. Taking all these into consideration, United Nations Organization has decided to observe September 16 every year as 'International Ozone Day' to promulgate the necessity of every one in the world of thier duty to protect this life-saving protective coating layer in the earth's atmosphere. This has been observed since 1995, following the signing up of the Montreal Protocol on the substances that deplete the Ozone layer.

Let us join hands together to spread the awareness of protecting the Ozone layer in our neighborhood minimizing pollution and use of bio-friendly substances in refrigeators etc.

It is our Mother Earth, which shelters us and it is our duty to protect it too.

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