Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Luxury Parties Or Compassionate Citizenship Or Pious Devotion

Luxury Parties Or Compassionate Citizenship Or Pious Devotion

A trend that is being setup particularly in Chennai which I would like to discuss. Be it a group of college members or a team too, it does not matter. Even if a guy gets a small compliment (like a marketing stunt from Citibank) like a Citibank India Lifetime free Card, immediately the group would start the harassment of the victim for party party. The party symbolises pompous shows at an exhorbitantly priced extravagantly expensive luxury restaurant adding to the thousands to the innocent victims' credit card bill. In most of the cases, the party accompanies liquor too, adding to much disgusting obscenity, vulgarism and more ... And more too...

I am not trying to offend any particular nor anybody's thought. This is purely my personal observation. From my personal perspective, I dislike spending from my wallet for pleasures on any account rather I would be glad if that is useful for some mankind in need.

 The victim has to bear all these for the sake of fine -blended team spirit or friendship, which some of the members misuse too. This is rather disheartening very much. Sometimes, the reason for the party appears to be very trivial. The victim may have purchased a new stuff for his own personal use and the gang starts the melodrama again.

My argument would be rather than this luxury parties ranging for just for the fun of an hour or so, the same spending if it has been donated to an orphanage, they would bless the victim whole heartedly, since they get a one time meal. If you feel more devotional, there are so many temples in Tamil Nadu, and thanks to the Government of Tamil Nadu Noon Meal scheme in all the temples; feel free to donate to the noble cause and let us make a renaissance feeding the poor and hungry visiting the temple, thus getting the showers of blessings from the Lord. 

For the benefit of others, I would highlight some of the channels which would really give complete comfort to one's inner self and taking a little step to mitigate the suffering of a fraternity.

  1. Tamil Nadu Noon Meal Scheme at Temples [controlled by Government of Tamil Nadu]
    1. HR & CE Department Notes on Noon Meal Scheme
    2. Annathanam website
    3. Annathanam website donations page
  2. Orphanages in Tamil Nadu
    1. Udavum Karangal, registered from Anna Nagar Chennai
      1. Udavum Karangal -- India Donation Server
      2. Udavum Karangal -- US Donation Server
    2. Sivananda Sevashram, registered from Kattankalathur, near Tambaram, Chennai.
      1. Contribution Page at Sivananda Sevashram


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with ur thoughts in this matter. This is simply a way to waste hard earned money. But in an atmosphere like in MNCs this become compulsory now a days and i find hard to escape.
By the way this is Ramanathan. I started reading ur blogs now(redhy told me this link).

Deepak Vasudevan said...

@ Ramanathan,

Thanks fro dropping by and sharing your views. It is not hard to escape. Rather it is test of how effectively you can manage through the necessary evil. The line of demarcation between the escapism and solution strategy is rather thin