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Elegant Efficient and Excellent Personal Organiser Services

Elegant Efficient and Excellent Personal Organiser Services

We are busy. The work challenges and assignments keep us busy. No one can afford to waste even a second of time and aspire for victory. It was said that Napoleon Bonaparte of France gave greatest of great focus and attention to time and hence he was able to win most of Europe. But the same time, which he lost a few seconds made him to fall to his enemies in the Battle of Waterloo. Somewhere some weblog or Wikipedia, I read about this. Of course, this recalls me the European History, which we had in our tenth class chapters.

Coming back to our prime line length discussions. This is an Internet age and I don't think time management can be underspoken of its value now. Rather its importance has grown manifold. And equally contributing is very user friendly sites that help us in our time management efforts. The most popular things are MSN Hotmail, Yahoo Calendar, Google Calendar etc. But among the flock of websites, the most significant ones impressed me was Norada Junglemate (which is now Solve 360) and Norada Junglemate is currently not free but they have low priced editions of Solve360. I guess both the providers support for entreprise versions of thier products too.

The latter two are really excellent for the following features and this is a small testimonial and an information tip to other users who I would like them to try out too.

  1. Superior Helpdesk. The helpdesk comes to your rescue with whatever queries you have.
  2. Constant Product Innovation and Upgradation.
  3. Site Security. Both these sites have a Secure Sockets Logon. Even Junglemate had SSL Login, albeit the fact that it was not publicly advertised.
  4. Suite of products like Email, Calendar, Reminder, Storage, Notes, Photos, Tasks. Each of them individually competing with one another to add its own feather to the crowning product.
  5. Particularly with, the excellent thing is thier rich UI based on AJAX. It provides almost a desktop experience. As thier slogan says, ' - when communication becomes a pleasure...'.
  6. Inbox is pretty cool in its homepage too. Myself and most of my friends admire to even play around its homepage, AJAX style of customization, drag and drop.

And sweetest thing with is that they are always for open for suggestions from users. Most of the suggestions are investigated into and almost everything which can be included into the system are taken into consideration.

I fondly recall a scene from Sindhu Bhairavi. JKB (Sivakumar) sang a song 'Manadhil Urudhi Vendum' from Bharathiyar Kavithaigal. I am trying to describe the scene with the dialogues translated in English for the easier reach of the audience (an approximate Tamil version in transliterated form in brackets) The song was so lively that a fisherman roaming nearby put his fishing net down and listened to his song. When the song got over, he came to JKB and told him

"Salutations Sir" [kumbidren sami]
"Sir. You really sang really well" [saami. neenga romba nalla padineenga]
"I feel like gifting something to you. But I am just a fisherman folk. I don't have cash and currency with me. " (thinks a while and takes a beautiful garland made out of sea shells and pearls from sea) ". Will you accept this conch as my humble gift?". [ungalukku edhanachum kodukkanum pola irrukku. sembadavan. kaasu panam illai. indha paasi malai vangippengala?]

JKB with very much humbleness, accepts the garland. He was very happy that his song got accepted to all quarters of the people. His fan-friend, Sindhu (Suhasini) too commented on this and she was remarking that this is the greatest of the great gifts that he can get since it came from one of his admirer-fans.

But why am I thinking this Sindhu Bhairavi scene suddenly? And all between while I am appreciating the user interface and friendliness of digital organizer software. I think love is really blind and the love and craze for Inbox makes me to compare Inbox to JKB the great singer and the affection of the fisherman to gift something to JKB. The state of fisherman applies to me too. I am not that capable of gifting anything decent to Inbox. This is just a small testimonial -- some scrap of appreciation -- my love letter. The other thing, I can do is to pray the Lord that he should shower His choicest of merciful and bountiful blessings to for thier success in all spheres of life.


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