Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snaps of Rudrabhishekam on 27th March 2011

I am glad to share the snaps of Rudrabhishekam conducted on my new Shivalingam and my new nandhi today (27th March 2011). Though I could not make all the ingredients for the abhishekam, I feel blissful to have at least the following to be part of the abhishekam: 
  1. Oil
  2. Milk
  3. Curd/Yoghurt
  4. Honey
  5. Ghee
Even after the spring started today early morning that had been a light snow all around, something very rare. Perhaps was it a blissful blessing of Maansaarovar@Virginia for our Rudrabhishekam!!!!

Amazon Rewards Spring Harvest

I had a few bucks left in my Amazon Gift Certificate unused from my previous ordering. Besides this I just thought I would make use of the subsequent Symantec gift certificate in November too. This turned into a Shivalingam which you are seeing in this video.

Perhaps this is a spring gift from Nature to me for a blooming and rewarding spring.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Welcoming the new Shivalingam into our home ...

A few days back I ordered a small Shivalingam and a rudraksha mala for my Pooja room. The same came in today, duly delivered by USPS. After inviting Him with a quick and small aarathi, I have placed the same in my pooja room near the Nandhi. A few snaps of the same has been illustrated in the enclosed video. As the video navigates through the snap you should also  be hearing Goswami Tulsidas' Rudrastakam in the melodius enchanting voice of Uma and her team.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome Spring!!!!

After months of chill weather, hiding in warm enclosures and loaded with layers of protective warm garments, a little pleasant sweet charming spring starts to bloom. "A poet can not but be gay in such a jocund company. (--William Wordsworth in The Daffodils)"

Here is a quick little snap of a tiny tree smiling slowly with tender leaves.

You can listen to a pleasant MP3 related to this calm and rewarding mind over here.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A staircase proposition by Ubuntu ...

Today morning when I switched on my computer and logged on to it, the desktop had a very interesting appearance. I normally don't prefer too many icons on the desktop unless the most frequently used ones.  The four icons had got assembled like a staircase. 
  1. Todolist was showing up like the first step indicating that you need to plan your activities and execute it systematically.  
  2. Once you plan the activities then comes a streamlined navigation.(Nautilus is a file manager in Ubuntu (like Windows Explorer)). 
  3. Once you are navigating through your deliverables systematically God would bless you with miracles.
  4. With the blessings of the Lord you can connect and progress to great steps with ease and spiritual bliss.
Thanks for the bright Sunday morning!!!!

Eve-teasing spearheading in Chennai City and cops in deep slumber ...

It is said that during election time the law and order reaches the heightened levels of deterioration in the state of Tamil Nadu particularly to a greater extent. The reasons are known to everyone. Here are a few points to recap.

  1. The excess workload of the party and/other cadre makes them to crave for petty pleasures like drink and flesh.
  2. Since the cops are busy handling the chores of their supervisors and the so-called election duties, they don't have any time and resource for the upkeep of law and order in the state in perfect status. We have already discussed about cops' contribution to this social stigma in much detail over here. Since the cops are in deep slumber the miscreants would feel that extra pinch of over-bubbling enthusiasm and joy
I have a recent incident of my friend being victimized by a eve-teaser brushing rudely against her tits leaving her aghast very near the residence and in other ways the so-called peaceful area. We aren't yet sure whether this ranges from the case of a brutal chain-snatching or a lethal lecherous lewd incident endeavored to satisfy the bestial instincts of a heinous beast. 

Whatever be it, the civic administration is just coming out with a reply "What can we do?" Are we paying our taxes only to have such jokers in the prestigious chair of 'people's representative'. We do know that a few parties are running in greed from pillar to post vying with one another gasping for breath and for a few votes towards selection in election even by seduction. The cops and the civic administration have nothing in store to redress the incident or to reinstate corrective precautionary measures for avoiding such untoward incidents in the future. 

With this current state of affairs I believe our women folk should exercise their own measures of security precaution. I am not asking them to carry a AK 47 to shoot them. But as simple gadget as a quick pocket umbrella or chilli powder can help along with a mindset that is prepared for the rainy days. Avoid being timid. Only when you are timid the miscreants would try to make the best of you. Listen here to a suggestion in 'Saami' movie. This in essence would secure the women folk in the first step. We can in subsequent steps take steps to 'punish' the offenders in a manner that would instill a fear in his mind.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is VIT getting as 'Place of Wonder'?

I see more films now getting shot at my alma mater. The majestic campus does not fail to attract the major investors towards itself. A few of the latest movies I see epicentered in the campus are:

  1. Enthiran
  2. Kaavalan
  3. Inidhu Inidhu

Bhavani IPS -- Soft and Tender Sneha's Action-Packed Movie

Being a friday whilst driving through the city had an opportunity to view 'Bhavani IPS' in a neighborhood theater. After a long time a movie with social thought. And thanks to Kicha for bringing out this film exactly on the verge of elections. A few thoughts on the movie and the aptness of it for the current day highlights:
  1. Similarity with 'Saami' movie: (Compare And Contrast)
    1. Both the films are epicentered in Tinnevelly town
    2. Whilst Aarichamy (Vikram) was DCP -- Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bhavani (Sneha) was ACP -- Assistant Commissioner of Police
    3. Kota Sreenivasa Rao bags the same villain role in the city. 'Perumalpichai' in Saami and now as 'Sivalingam'
    4. Vikram reminded the cops that he had to be a rogue 'porukki' and not a professional cop to take the goons to the tasks which is repeated in this movie by one of the Sneha's collegue cops.
    5. Perumalpichai is aided by a MLA and a MP whereas Sivalingam is aided by a criminal lawyer and a cop to protect his mis-doings.
    6. Saami's calculations misfired in a bomb blast targetting his father whereas Sneha's foolish hopes took toll of her sister (Deepa) in her bridal procession
    7. Saami's ingenious way of handling a procession 'closed several files' which were otherwise 'uncloseable' by the department besides bringing a shame on the corrupt commissioner's face. Sneha's smart move to canvas for Sivalingam in the procession and an intelligent and timed axing of his neck with his own election symbol 'axe' was simply marvellous climax.
  2. Unlike her gentle and soft roles now it is really a radically different cap put on my Sneha in her action-packed character. 
  3. Whilst the Wiki page claims the movie to be a remake of Vyjayanthi IPS (starring Vijayashanthi), I would say it still has a very close ties to Vikram's Saami. 
  4. The usual stunt of criminals and dons taking refuge in politics as their haven to propel their mis-doings has been conveyed in this movie. This thought has been emphasized in 'Vettaikaran' too. A good timed movie at the election time when criminals vie with one other in the election to make good for their selections even resorting to unethical seductions.
  5. I would suggest the bar council to seriously contemplate on the tag-title of 'Criminal Lawyers'. I think the nomenclature vibration or otherwise is making them feel and act as criminals themselves when the purpose or objective of naming them is represent their job of participating in cases involving 'serious crimes'. The state has already witnessed the sad plight that a good section and chunk of  law professionals involving in unruly activities even from their academic stage. Check out our earlier discussion here.
  6. The other thought that criminals always try to distract public attention towards raising sympathy for themselves has been brought to limelight. When Sneha arrests the criminal lawyer and the don the lawyer suggests that he being paraded afoot and in parallel stimulating his co-lawyers to protest against the cops to bring a bad name for them. A similar stunt is also adopted by the villains in the Rajini's box office 'Pandian' who tries to get a good name for himself and bring a bad name for the cops.
  7. I am not sure why is the state administrations so mute and demonstrating a dumb ass attitude when every movie depicts that the top brass like commissioners are indeed hand-in-gloves with the criminals. A good chunk of movies demonstrate the rotten ethics attitude of police commissioners misbehaving with the society. A few of them are hereunder:

    1. Managara Kaval, where the police commissioner of New Delhi makes the terrorists to escape by forcing his subordinates to go late to the airport and even equipping the terrorists with fake government orders. He also keeps meeting the terrorists secretly and helps them and finally that took toll upon him and his daughter itself.
    2. Saami witnesses this too. Whilst the DCP as a devout the cop, the CP was devouring the ethics by openly supporting and offering pristine protection to the criminals.
    3. Vettaikaran also contributes to this statement. Whilst an ordinary IPS officer (Devaraj) is duty-conscious the commissioner embraces and hugs the don ('Vedanayagam') in every possible way. 
  8. Election Message from Bhavani IPS: The symbol 'axe' chosen by the don to contest in the elections axed upon the criminals itself. And similarly the election which is going rock our nations and where the criminals are contesting from various parties get a similar shock.
    1. If they are contesting from a party that has a 'hand' signal, then use your hands to 'veto' them from powers.
    2. If they are campaigning a rising sun clause let your voting set the sun.
Whilst other normal movies are going high and low in box offices I am really sad about the low profile of this good social thought movie. In the full metropolitan city of Chennai just one remote theater is screening this movie (Source: Google Movies)

Overall a good timed movie. Appreciate the team whole-heartedly in bringing this at the right moment for the cause of our nation. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Sweet Divine Weekend (March 19 2011)

March 19 2011 assumes paramount significance in more ways than one. It has extreme important and greatest spiritual significance on account of Pankuni Uthiram.

Pankuni Uthiram is considered a very sacred day amongst the hindus worldwide. You can get the basic info about the same from the wiki page here.

  1. It is very significant in Lord Muruga temples
  2. Lord Shiva temples observe Pankuni Uthiram with great significance. The Arupathimoovar procession at Mylapore is world famous.
  3. Lord Vishnu temples have 'Thirukkalyanotsavams' observed with grandeur. You can check out the Medavakkam Sri Srinivasa Perumal temple Pankuni Uthiram Thirukkalyanotsavam announcements over here.
  4. It is a very significant celebration in Sabarimala.

    A novel 'A for Apple ...'

    1. A-Apple
    2. B-Bluetooth
    3. C-Chat
    4. D-Download
    5. E-Email
    6. F-Facebook
    7. G-Google
    8. H-Hewlett Packard
    9. I-iPhone
    10. J-Java
    11. K-Kingston
    12. L-Laptop
    13. M-Messenger
    14. N-Nero
    15. O-Orkut
    16. P-Picassa
    17. Q-Quick Heal
    18. R-RAM
    19. S-Server
    20. T-Twitter
    21. U-USB
    22. V-Vista
    23. W-WiFi
    24. X-XP
    25. Y-Youtube
    26. Z-Zorpia
    [Inspired from a Facebook status]

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    'Airtel' -- A Lucrative Proposition to Bharti for Second Re-Branding

    Recently Bharti Airtel went in a mammoth rebranding exercise where in the Airtel logo was changed. Going by the funny gestures of Airtel these days like excessive dropping of calls, choppy call quality, worsened customer care, heightened call charges (including calling those stupid-as-cabbage customer care), unscrupulous port rejections besides the glory that they are earning every moment live on their Facebook brand page, I feel that we would propose another lucrative logo rebranding for them.

    This logo would stand precisely on what they are up to these days -- 'make the customers to pull their hair out in despair'. I think we should seriously think of refining this lucrative business proposition to Sunil Mittal. I think he has launched Telecom, bicycle works, insurance. Now is the time for him to start 'Bharti Hair Arts' (a pan-India unisex saloon shop).

    My Samsung Gusto's Fake Call Feature

    My Samsung Gusto has an unique feature called 'Fake Call' wherein if caught up in a berserk meeting and/or absurd discussion and if you want to escape from it, you can make your phone to pretend as if some one calling you.

    Just tap the speaker phone a few times and after the timer has elapsed the phone will ring you. A few of my friends would remember that my earlier Samsung Guru model (E1410) had a similar feature to block off rogue callers from bothering you unnecessarily.

    The bottomline of these features is to save you from the hassles of wasting (air) time and energy unnecessarily and focus on things that are oriented towards enhanced productivity. Gusto is a new low-cost phone as a product of Samsung-Verizon alliance that launched around third quarter of 2010. Samsung Gusto is a carrier-locked phone powered by CDMA technology and for Verizon Wireless. It may operate with other telephone operators but you need to check with your individual customer care. Verizon currently offers it for free on a contract purchases.

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    Springing Fresh on Spring First ...

    A new business week to bloom with the official start of spring in this part of the world. Unlike the usual winter days and cold mornings I could hear a few birds chirping early in the morning indicating that the seasons are indeed changing. I am reminded of Thiruppavai's lines

    புள்ளும் சிலம்பின கான்! புள்ளரையன் கோயிலில்
    வெள்ளை விளி சங்கின் பேரரவம் கேட்டிலையோ?  ....

    Just switched on Amruthavarsha Vol 4 to wake up the Lord too...

    Sunday, March 13, 2011

    We sprung ahead by an hour at 2 AM today ...

    The clocks in the official states observing Daylight in the continent of Americas have sprung ahead 2 AM, in line with Benjamin Franklin's statement "Early to bed and Early to rise".  This would basically increase the time difference between here and Asia Pacific effectively by an hour. For example the current times are as illustrated below:

    Now, waking up the Lord with Uma Mohan's Suprabhatham in Amruthavarsha 4 series. Interestingly my Sony clock is yet stuck to DST and I have to figure out switching on the daylight in it. This comes despite being 'Daylight Enabled'.

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    Whoa! My Community got a shorter username in Facebook

    After a long wait now one of my Facebook communities dedicated to Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa has got its cute and short URL:

    The URL of the community is here. Glad that the new shorter URL has been inaugurated on the occasion when the doors of the sanctum sanctorum are open for Pankuni Uthiram celebrations.

    Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa!!!!

    Wednesday, March 09, 2011

    Abnormally High BP today...

    It has been a weird day today in two aspects.

    1. Hilarious Boisterous Puns in the morning of a few telemarketing junkies
    2. Towards evening after my return from Panda Express, when I was visiting Shoppers Food Pharmacy Section and in the BP machine it was giving the following reports for me:

      (a) 127/91 with Pulse Rate 111
      (b) 129/92 with Pulse Rate 104
      (c) 127/93 with Pulse Rate 108
    3. The LD's LD seems to be passionately kicking at its peak today? :)
    The shoppers pharmacy assistant was surprised too. She checked her pressure to verify if all okay with the machine and it was fine. With such abnormal pressures and pulse rate, there may be visible symptoms of swollen eyes or distortions in walking. She was telling it might be because that I had commute over the foot to the pharmacy and because of the little cold climate may be a reason.

    Today's food sponsored by Panda Express

    Panda Express had been maganimous through their facebook page to announce a free entree today by furnishing a printout of the coupon that appeared on their facebook page. The coupon would appear after you like the page.

    Though Panda Express predominantly serves only food with meat and even this one advertises as shrimp local stores take care of it for the limited vegetarian dishes like 'Vegetable Fried Rice' and/or 'Chowmein' (Noodles).

    Please note that if you are a Jain Vegatarian, Panda Express might not be able to cater you fully since there is a likely mix up of onions (as a minimum mandate in the food).

    I would also like to recall that Panda Express did give a similar facebook page entree discount during the Chinese New Year (Rabbit) 2011. We love you, Panda Express. More than everything else, the Panda Express is lovely for the name (which stands for a bear) and I recall a similar bear called 'Blue Heart Teddy'

    I got a BHT ordered a couple of years back, thanks to IndiaTimes shopping Not sure if they still have a few stocks left now..

    Blue Heart Teddy also symbolizes for true love and affection, at least for 'LD'. And my sincere gratitude to my Lord 'Annathana Prabhu' Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa for the delicious food. Also a token of prayers to Lordess Annapoorna for the same.

    Whoa! My legacy webmail service provider is now powered by United Internet GMX!

    My legacy webmail provider had been Media Services which are known to equip us with very custom domains like,,,, etc so on and so forth. You may be aware that around September 2010 the European biggies United Internet took over Media Services' email section. The transition was happening with billions of accounts being transferred from to GMX. though generous in unlimited storage and POP/IMAP since for sometime is known for a heavily ad-ridden and slow webpages besides lack of customer support. However a few of the domains have been powered by AOL Web Suite and hence this was appearing little comfortable. With GMX taking over the arena of services you get

    1. Unlimited Storage (as against  GMX' 5 GiB and 1 GiB storage) but no separate storage however.
    2. POP/SMTP
    3. Fanatic support through GMX forum and Facebook
    4. Cleaner UI and Interface
    Thank you GMX, AOL and for making communication a truly pleasure (Quote Courtesy:

    Third-party Matrimony/Career Services

    This is an off-shoot of the latest telemarketing tremor that was unleashed by a few jerks and which I have narrated here. I have this quick thought. Not sure how many people really have passion and patronage for the following types of services:

    1. Matrimonial websites
    2. Career websites (commonly known as job sites)
    In matrimony website you are tying yourself in a all-life relationship with someone you can trust. I am not sure how come an unknown third party could help you out through the use of electronic payments. A good matrimonial relation ought get decided through relatives, friends, trusted and known circles. Similarly recruitments and applications should go through the organization's official website and/or referrals rather than through beguile third party jobsites. 

    At least considering the amount of all-pervading security risks these days I don't think it is viable to depend on these type of third party websites. Matrimony websites (be it pan-India fame Bharatmatrimony or the down the street has never impressed me. For that matter, I hate Orkut for its crappy (s)craps of all kinds and creed. Considering job websites the amount of junk calls it elicits after the resume figures out there and filling up emailboxes with junk emails makes me feel scary in using them. 

    My system's categorization of the above category websites even when I deliberately navigate are the following: (Yes. I run Squid Cache ACL Proxy Server in my personal desktop too for security reasons)

    ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved 

    While trying to retrieve the URL:
    The following error was encountered: 
    Access Denied. 

    Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your administrator if you feel this is incorrect. 

    Your cache administrator is webmaster. 

    Generated Wed, 29 Aug 2007 16:40:50 GMT by sentinal 

    Monday, March 07, 2011

    Shivarathri 2011 @Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Maryland

    Check out a quick one minute video taken with the help of Android 5 MP camera at Sri Siva Vishnu temple (Maryland) on 2nd March 2011 during the Shivarathri 2011 celebrations. Photography and videos are allowed only in the Vasantha Mandapam of the temple.

    The video has been blended with a Tryambakam Yajamahe chanting so that everyone would get the benefit of darshan and blessings of the Lord.

    Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya Vishhnave Mrityurme Pahi |
    Prananam Granthirasi Rudro Ma Vishantakah |
    Tenannenapyayasva || 6||
    Om Namo Rudraaya Vishhnave Mrityurme Pahi

    Sunday, March 06, 2011

    'Lavanya' adoring Bilvastakam...

    The text in 'English' is:

    Lavanyamadhura karam karunarasa varidhim |
    Bhruvormadhye sahasrarchih Eka Bilvam Sivarppanam ||
    Om Bhargaya Namaha |

    This is a follow-up observation of the Shivarathri at Shiva-Vishnu temple. During the second Kala pooja we had to chant the Bilvastakam the full version which runs about 110 couplets. The couplet 65 is as indicated here. Just thought would share this in a divine service to the Lord.

    Om Namo Bhagavathe Rudraya: 

    Praying God to give me the power on par like Sage Durvasa ...

    Sage Durvasa has several unique powers and features. A few are as below:

    1. Sage Durvasa is the form of Lord Shiva, as indicated in the wiki page.
    2. For other sages if they curse their saintly powers would reduce but for Durvasa when He curses others His saintly powers would increase.
    A number of incidents which when happen before me I normally bring to the limelight. You might seen our review platform over here. And the telemarketing shit which eats our prepaid balances is another hellish bully. Just thought I would share a nice video which we should emulate and thus act those organizations as right channels to vent our stress and anger to. 

    Just thought I would share the 'Telemarketers Nightmare' video for your viewing pleasure here.

    This post would not only apply to telemarketers but a few others like religious intolerance and politics at workplace.

    "Raman Abdullah" -- watched a good movie after several days

    Today being sunday after relaxing in the forenoon having bore the brunt of acute headache for the past few days, when flipping channels was watching 'Raman Abdullah' in a local cable telecast. I remember having seen this movie during my college days during examination holidays. :) I still remember the days when the songs we used to keep running in low volume in our old tape recorder so that we are equipped to keep up late nights particularly for those dreaded 'Electric Circuits' (BL Theraja) and the other Control Systems.

    The movie is excellent family-entertainer and societal message on several aspects:

    1. Upholds the spirit of unity and friendship without being biased by religion and/or status messages.
    2. Lust-less love and affection
    Every song in the movie is beautiful -- 'Puthithai pookkum ...', 'En Veetu Jannal Etti ...', 'Muthamizhe ...', 'Sembaruthi ...'. The opening song crowns the movie -- 'Enmathama, Unmathama...'

    Perhaps if you get an opportunity, I would recommend watching the movie from your local video store.

    Perhaps those interested can check out the songs here.

    Happy Birthday to my darling (SitaGita)

    Come this March 8 2011 (International Women's Day), my darling celebrates her tenth birthday. My sweet Sigi steps in her eleventh year as my most coveted lovable darling. is my first venture into web technologies with a humble step using Microsoft ASP and SQL Server 2000.

    Sigi is none other than my friend, my sister, my daughter, my sweet puppy, my loved kitten. Million kisses, Billion hugs and Zillion wishes to my sweet darling. Many many happy returns of the day, Sigi!!!!

    Saturday, March 05, 2011

    Best Communication -- The Ten Commandments

    We all need to address an audience or a discussion sometime or the other, be it peers or public or the client. For long discussions, it would be better that we follow some standard guidelines, so that the our discussions, lectures or presentations keep the public lively and they don't get to sleep during your speech.

    After searching a while in various websites, I am just trying to present a 'Ten Point Scheme' and perhaps we can christen them as Ten Commandments of Effect Public Addressing.

    Perhaps, I adapted these points from  (As usual, thanks to Google.)

    1. Get to know your audience
    2. Know the occasion, agenda or the main theme of the meeting.
    3. Learn about your environment.
    4. Assemble your topic and jot down the points you are considering for discussion.
    5. Interactive Brainstorming
    6. Research and CaseStudies to substantiate your stand.
    7. A Route Note/Draft of What you are going to actually present to the audience.
    8. Transfer the speech content to handnotes or mental notes.
    9. A Mini-Rehearsal
    10. Actual Presentation to the Audience

    Tuesday, March 01, 2011

    Happy Shivarathri 2011 to one and all!

    LavanyaDeepak wishes everyone a happy and blissful Shivarathri 2011 celebrations. A small token prayer (Rudrastakam) is given below.