Saturday, March 05, 2011

Best Communication -- The Ten Commandments

We all need to address an audience or a discussion sometime or the other, be it peers or public or the client. For long discussions, it would be better that we follow some standard guidelines, so that the our discussions, lectures or presentations keep the public lively and they don't get to sleep during your speech.

After searching a while in various websites, I am just trying to present a 'Ten Point Scheme' and perhaps we can christen them as Ten Commandments of Effect Public Addressing.

Perhaps, I adapted these points from  (As usual, thanks to Google.)

  1. Get to know your audience
  2. Know the occasion, agenda or the main theme of the meeting.
  3. Learn about your environment.
  4. Assemble your topic and jot down the points you are considering for discussion.
  5. Interactive Brainstorming
  6. Research and CaseStudies to substantiate your stand.
  7. A Route Note/Draft of What you are going to actually present to the audience.
  8. Transfer the speech content to handnotes or mental notes.
  9. A Mini-Rehearsal
  10. Actual Presentation to the Audience

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