Tuesday, March 15, 2011

'Airtel' -- A Lucrative Proposition to Bharti for Second Re-Branding

Recently Bharti Airtel went in a mammoth rebranding exercise where in the Airtel logo was changed. Going by the funny gestures of Airtel these days like excessive dropping of calls, choppy call quality, worsened customer care, heightened call charges (including calling those stupid-as-cabbage customer care), unscrupulous port rejections besides the glory that they are earning every moment live on their Facebook brand page, I feel that we would propose another lucrative logo rebranding for them.

This logo would stand precisely on what they are up to these days -- 'make the customers to pull their hair out in despair'. I think we should seriously think of refining this lucrative business proposition to Sunil Mittal. I think he has launched Telecom, bicycle works, insurance. Now is the time for him to start 'Bharti Hair Arts' (a pan-India unisex saloon shop).

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Mohan said...

Deepak - This is indeed a wonderful business proposition which Sunil Mittal should look into seriously and immediately! As you said earlier, he can brand it as "Hairtel" so that there is also the advantage of a brand recall and people remember "Airtel" whenever they see "Hairtel." :-)