Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Samsung Gusto's Fake Call Feature

My Samsung Gusto has an unique feature called 'Fake Call' wherein if caught up in a berserk meeting and/or absurd discussion and if you want to escape from it, you can make your phone to pretend as if some one calling you.

Just tap the speaker phone a few times and after the timer has elapsed the phone will ring you. A few of my friends would remember that my earlier Samsung Guru model (E1410) had a similar feature to block off rogue callers from bothering you unnecessarily.

The bottomline of these features is to save you from the hassles of wasting (air) time and energy unnecessarily and focus on things that are oriented towards enhanced productivity. Gusto is a new low-cost phone as a product of Samsung-Verizon alliance that launched around third quarter of 2010. Samsung Gusto is a carrier-locked phone powered by CDMA technology and for Verizon Wireless. It may operate with other telephone operators but you need to check with your individual customer care. Verizon currently offers it for free on a contract purchases.

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