Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bhavani IPS -- Soft and Tender Sneha's Action-Packed Movie

Being a friday whilst driving through the city had an opportunity to view 'Bhavani IPS' in a neighborhood theater. After a long time a movie with social thought. And thanks to Kicha for bringing out this film exactly on the verge of elections. A few thoughts on the movie and the aptness of it for the current day highlights:
  1. Similarity with 'Saami' movie: (Compare And Contrast)
    1. Both the films are epicentered in Tinnevelly town
    2. Whilst Aarichamy (Vikram) was DCP -- Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bhavani (Sneha) was ACP -- Assistant Commissioner of Police
    3. Kota Sreenivasa Rao bags the same villain role in the city. 'Perumalpichai' in Saami and now as 'Sivalingam'
    4. Vikram reminded the cops that he had to be a rogue 'porukki' and not a professional cop to take the goons to the tasks which is repeated in this movie by one of the Sneha's collegue cops.
    5. Perumalpichai is aided by a MLA and a MP whereas Sivalingam is aided by a criminal lawyer and a cop to protect his mis-doings.
    6. Saami's calculations misfired in a bomb blast targetting his father whereas Sneha's foolish hopes took toll of her sister (Deepa) in her bridal procession
    7. Saami's ingenious way of handling a procession 'closed several files' which were otherwise 'uncloseable' by the department besides bringing a shame on the corrupt commissioner's face. Sneha's smart move to canvas for Sivalingam in the procession and an intelligent and timed axing of his neck with his own election symbol 'axe' was simply marvellous climax.
  2. Unlike her gentle and soft roles now it is really a radically different cap put on my Sneha in her action-packed character. 
  3. Whilst the Wiki page claims the movie to be a remake of Vyjayanthi IPS (starring Vijayashanthi), I would say it still has a very close ties to Vikram's Saami. 
  4. The usual stunt of criminals and dons taking refuge in politics as their haven to propel their mis-doings has been conveyed in this movie. This thought has been emphasized in 'Vettaikaran' too. A good timed movie at the election time when criminals vie with one other in the election to make good for their selections even resorting to unethical seductions.
  5. I would suggest the bar council to seriously contemplate on the tag-title of 'Criminal Lawyers'. I think the nomenclature vibration or otherwise is making them feel and act as criminals themselves when the purpose or objective of naming them is represent their job of participating in cases involving 'serious crimes'. The state has already witnessed the sad plight that a good section and chunk of  law professionals involving in unruly activities even from their academic stage. Check out our earlier discussion here.
  6. The other thought that criminals always try to distract public attention towards raising sympathy for themselves has been brought to limelight. When Sneha arrests the criminal lawyer and the don the lawyer suggests that he being paraded afoot and in parallel stimulating his co-lawyers to protest against the cops to bring a bad name for them. A similar stunt is also adopted by the villains in the Rajini's box office 'Pandian' who tries to get a good name for himself and bring a bad name for the cops.
  7. I am not sure why is the state administrations so mute and demonstrating a dumb ass attitude when every movie depicts that the top brass like commissioners are indeed hand-in-gloves with the criminals. A good chunk of movies demonstrate the rotten ethics attitude of police commissioners misbehaving with the society. A few of them are hereunder:

    1. Managara Kaval, where the police commissioner of New Delhi makes the terrorists to escape by forcing his subordinates to go late to the airport and even equipping the terrorists with fake government orders. He also keeps meeting the terrorists secretly and helps them and finally that took toll upon him and his daughter itself.
    2. Saami witnesses this too. Whilst the DCP as a devout the cop, the CP was devouring the ethics by openly supporting and offering pristine protection to the criminals.
    3. Vettaikaran also contributes to this statement. Whilst an ordinary IPS officer (Devaraj) is duty-conscious the commissioner embraces and hugs the don ('Vedanayagam') in every possible way. 
  8. Election Message from Bhavani IPS: The symbol 'axe' chosen by the don to contest in the elections axed upon the criminals itself. And similarly the election which is going rock our nations and where the criminals are contesting from various parties get a similar shock.
    1. If they are contesting from a party that has a 'hand' signal, then use your hands to 'veto' them from powers.
    2. If they are campaigning a rising sun clause let your voting set the sun.
Whilst other normal movies are going high and low in box offices I am really sad about the low profile of this good social thought movie. In the full metropolitan city of Chennai just one remote theater is screening this movie (Source: Google Movies)

Overall a good timed movie. Appreciate the team whole-heartedly in bringing this at the right moment for the cause of our nation. 

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