Sunday, March 06, 2011

Praying God to give me the power on par like Sage Durvasa ...

Sage Durvasa has several unique powers and features. A few are as below:

  1. Sage Durvasa is the form of Lord Shiva, as indicated in the wiki page.
  2. For other sages if they curse their saintly powers would reduce but for Durvasa when He curses others His saintly powers would increase.
A number of incidents which when happen before me I normally bring to the limelight. You might seen our review platform over here. And the telemarketing shit which eats our prepaid balances is another hellish bully. Just thought I would share a nice video which we should emulate and thus act those organizations as right channels to vent our stress and anger to. 

Just thought I would share the 'Telemarketers Nightmare' video for your viewing pleasure here.

This post would not only apply to telemarketers but a few others like religious intolerance and politics at workplace.

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