Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Abnormally High BP today...

It has been a weird day today in two aspects.

  1. Hilarious Boisterous Puns in the morning of a few telemarketing junkies
  2. Towards evening after my return from Panda Express, when I was visiting Shoppers Food Pharmacy Section and in the BP machine it was giving the following reports for me:

    (a) 127/91 with Pulse Rate 111
    (b) 129/92 with Pulse Rate 104
    (c) 127/93 with Pulse Rate 108
  3. The LD's LD seems to be passionately kicking at its peak today? :)
The shoppers pharmacy assistant was surprised too. She checked her pressure to verify if all okay with the machine and it was fine. With such abnormal pressures and pulse rate, there may be visible symptoms of swollen eyes or distortions in walking. She was telling it might be because that I had commute over the foot to the pharmacy and because of the little cold climate may be a reason.

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