Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Whoa! My legacy webmail service provider is now powered by United Internet GMX!

My legacy webmail provider had been Media Services which are known to equip us with very custom domains like,,,, etc so on and so forth. You may be aware that around September 2010 the European biggies United Internet took over Media Services' email section. The transition was happening with billions of accounts being transferred from to GMX. though generous in unlimited storage and POP/IMAP since for sometime is known for a heavily ad-ridden and slow webpages besides lack of customer support. However a few of the domains have been powered by AOL Web Suite and hence this was appearing little comfortable. With GMX taking over the arena of services you get

  1. Unlimited Storage (as against  GMX' 5 GiB and 1 GiB storage) but no separate storage however.
  3. Fanatic support through GMX forum and Facebook
  4. Cleaner UI and Interface
Thank you GMX, AOL and for making communication a truly pleasure (Quote Courtesy:

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