Sunday, March 06, 2011

"Raman Abdullah" -- watched a good movie after several days

Today being sunday after relaxing in the forenoon having bore the brunt of acute headache for the past few days, when flipping channels was watching 'Raman Abdullah' in a local cable telecast. I remember having seen this movie during my college days during examination holidays. :) I still remember the days when the songs we used to keep running in low volume in our old tape recorder so that we are equipped to keep up late nights particularly for those dreaded 'Electric Circuits' (BL Theraja) and the other Control Systems.

The movie is excellent family-entertainer and societal message on several aspects:

  1. Upholds the spirit of unity and friendship without being biased by religion and/or status messages.
  2. Lust-less love and affection
Every song in the movie is beautiful -- 'Puthithai pookkum ...', 'En Veetu Jannal Etti ...', 'Muthamizhe ...', 'Sembaruthi ...'. The opening song crowns the movie -- 'Enmathama, Unmathama...'

Perhaps if you get an opportunity, I would recommend watching the movie from your local video store.

Perhaps those interested can check out the songs here.

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