Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Today's food sponsored by Panda Express

Panda Express had been maganimous through their facebook page to announce a free entree today by furnishing a printout of the coupon that appeared on their facebook page. The coupon would appear after you like the page.

Though Panda Express predominantly serves only food with meat and even this one advertises as shrimp local stores take care of it for the limited vegetarian dishes like 'Vegetable Fried Rice' and/or 'Chowmein' (Noodles).

Please note that if you are a Jain Vegatarian, Panda Express might not be able to cater you fully since there is a likely mix up of onions (as a minimum mandate in the food).

I would also like to recall that Panda Express did give a similar facebook page entree discount during the Chinese New Year (Rabbit) 2011. We love you, Panda Express. More than everything else, the Panda Express is lovely for the name (which stands for a bear) and I recall a similar bear called 'Blue Heart Teddy'

I got a BHT ordered a couple of years back, thanks to IndiaTimes shopping Not sure if they still have a few stocks left now..

Blue Heart Teddy also symbolizes for true love and affection, at least for 'LD'. And my sincere gratitude to my Lord 'Annathana Prabhu' Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa for the delicious food. Also a token of prayers to Lordess Annapoorna for the same.

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