Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eve-teasing spearheading in Chennai City and cops in deep slumber ...

It is said that during election time the law and order reaches the heightened levels of deterioration in the state of Tamil Nadu particularly to a greater extent. The reasons are known to everyone. Here are a few points to recap.

  1. The excess workload of the party and/other cadre makes them to crave for petty pleasures like drink and flesh.
  2. Since the cops are busy handling the chores of their supervisors and the so-called election duties, they don't have any time and resource for the upkeep of law and order in the state in perfect status. We have already discussed about cops' contribution to this social stigma in much detail over here. Since the cops are in deep slumber the miscreants would feel that extra pinch of over-bubbling enthusiasm and joy
I have a recent incident of my friend being victimized by a eve-teaser brushing rudely against her tits leaving her aghast very near the residence and in other ways the so-called peaceful area. We aren't yet sure whether this ranges from the case of a brutal chain-snatching or a lethal lecherous lewd incident endeavored to satisfy the bestial instincts of a heinous beast. 

Whatever be it, the civic administration is just coming out with a reply "What can we do?" Are we paying our taxes only to have such jokers in the prestigious chair of 'people's representative'. We do know that a few parties are running in greed from pillar to post vying with one another gasping for breath and for a few votes towards selection in election even by seduction. The cops and the civic administration have nothing in store to redress the incident or to reinstate corrective precautionary measures for avoiding such untoward incidents in the future. 

With this current state of affairs I believe our women folk should exercise their own measures of security precaution. I am not asking them to carry a AK 47 to shoot them. But as simple gadget as a quick pocket umbrella or chilli powder can help along with a mindset that is prepared for the rainy days. Avoid being timid. Only when you are timid the miscreants would try to make the best of you. Listen here to a suggestion in 'Saami' movie. This in essence would secure the women folk in the first step. We can in subsequent steps take steps to 'punish' the offenders in a manner that would instill a fear in his mind.

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