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The month of Karthigai  and Margazhi are supposedly causing the entire Indian atmosphere to vibrate with more incessant spells of God, Devotion, Classic Music etc. The significance of Sabarimala Ayyappa 30-40 day observations are also not an uncommon feature.
I had an opportunity to start this 30-day observation for Lord Ayyappa and I am planning to start to Sabarimala Pilgrimage sometime by December 22, with the blessings of the Lord. There are observations to follow and strict regulations to abide by. With the blessings of the Lord, I hope, all this would be feasible.

A WebSite On My School (Balalok)

As part of my previous WebKennel site, I had a couple of pages dedicated to my School where I had my education till twelfth standard. Since the provider (Portland Communications) had some problems, I had to move the website to another host. This transition had taken a while and my school website has moved to this location here:

We are also creating a forum for the same and it would be released by this weekend. Do visit it and send me your feedback...