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Veeramani Raju's Bhajan on December 1

The annual bhajan for Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa by Veeramani Raju is being organized at Kamaraj Hall in Chennai. Please schedule your calendars and try to arrange the same. Veeramani Raju has also been kind enough to announce through his Facebook page that they are trying to webcast this year's event through his website as well:

Date: 1st December 2011
Time: 1800 hours Indian Time

CORRIDENDUM POST ("Life is Beautiful")

A reader commented on of my previous post as here:

I was little surprised on what triggered the reader to post that way and then realized that it was a contribution of 'Abhiyum Naanum'. In order to dispel any myth and clear the same the specific post has been amended duly.  I regret for the wrong message being propagated and also at the same time delighted to hear from the well-wishers  like you. Thank you. :)

As Raghu says in the climax of 'Abhiyum Naanum', 'Life is beautiful'. Here is a melody from Abhiyum Naanum.

Disclaimer: This song in this particular instance is just a melody to enjoy. No hidden messages to express in anway.

On the other hand I wouldn't mind considering to dedicate the song to my Ayyappa mapping Abhi to Ayyappa:

If 'Lavanya' is 'Ayyappa' then 'Deepak' is 'Hanuman'

I have one habit or weakness which often puts 'bad people' in deep mess and trouble without even my and their knowledge and it helps bring them out to limelight as a service to the society. Perhaps it lights up the darkness created as my 'name' reflects its shine too. Of late, a few desi consulting organization has been duly reported to the labor department here and they are pursuing punitive actions on them besides serving as an eye-opener to others.

Many times I am not myself involved in the so-called unearthing report and/or the so-called detective attempts. The 'Lord' makes it happen through me. Here is my so-called 'habit'. When you give me some concrete information or thing for 'safe custody' and it is a ethical thing then rest assured I can take good care of the same till you or the bona fide owner claims it back. And the confidentiality is assured to two hundred percent. However when the so-called thing happens to be touching the lines o…

Life is beautiful!

We already covered about the crowning feedback in the birthday month. At the same I am also indebted to express my heart-felt thanks to Mark Zuckerburg for the amazing community that he has  created bringing long-lost people back into the network. Whilst this is the plus-point of Facebook, it also does help you in identifying the rotten samples amongst the basket of apples so that you can remove them in the first instance.

At the same time I am delighted to have a blissful show of bountiful greetings on the birthday month which just poured like incessant rose petals right a week before the birthday itself.

Face is the index of the mind and a diligent careful use of Facebook in turn helps as a valuable fathom to assess the veracity of the entities in your network.

A wish-cum-feedback in my birthday month ...

There was an interesting grammatical breakdown in my birthday post;  in Microsoft Word perspective, a singular-plural disagreement.  My heart-felt thanks to Lavanya for bringing the same to my kind attention.

You may be aware that I really feel happy when receiving comments-for-improvements which make me more dynamic rather than 'appreciations'. When you receive an appreciation the immediate gesture would be 'sit down and relax' which would slow down the progress. On the other hand a comment-for-improvement would make you tread ahead with more vigor and passion.

Frankly I logged into my blogger to share the song 'Nalam Vazha' which is by far the best melodious song as a 'birthday wish' as celebrated in the pages of 'LD'. I am glad that the birthday post itself had gathered a quick and good observation on the same.

Whilst that I was feeling glad from the early afternoon of November 9 till the Hawaiian evening of November 10 there was some feeling…

This blogger's birthday celebrations on November 10 2011

This blogger's humble birthday celebrations was from the city of Nashville, TN. I sincerely thank my friends and circles for sending me wishes through text, social media platforms like Facebook, email and in person. Here is a small birthday prayers dedicated to my Acharyas (spiritual gurus/teachers) and hence dedicated to the Lotus feet of my Lords (Srimathe Lakshmi Narasimha Parabrahmane Namaha and Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa)